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Bond Projects Begin

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The district is happy to announce that this November, one year after the successful passage of our bond, work on our field has begun! Thanks to funding through Living With the Bay, work on our 750 feet of much-needed bulkhead began just prior to the Thanksgiving holiday and will continue, weather permitting, throughout the winter. Once the bulkhead is complete, the work will transition throughout spring and summer 2021 to the transformation of our fields into an athletic complex. Thank you again to the entire community for their support of our schools.

The timeline for projects at this time are anticipated as follows:

Spring/Summer 2021
· Athletic complex.
· Replacement of electrical at Jr./Sr. High School.

Summer 2021
· HVAC reconstruction at Centre.
· Exterior masonry at Centre.

Fall 2021/Summer 2022
· Heating and ventilation at Jr./Sr. High School.
· Alterations to Tech Building at Jr./Sr. High School.

Winter/Summer 2022
· HVAC reconstruction at Rhame.
· Upgrades to electrical at Rhame.

Summer 2022
· Renovation of FACS room at Jr./Sr. High School.
· Art room renovations at Jr./Sr. High School.
· Science lab renovations at Jr./Sr. High School.