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SUPA Personal Finance

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SUPA Personal Finance is a new class at the Junior-Senior High School. Our counselors visited the class to learn more about this new elective and observed a conversation about budgeting. Ms. Horvath’s class was engaged in developing their budgeting skills by identifying monthly expenses and which expenses might fluctuate. They learned about the differences between income and expenses and shared examples of each. Students engaged in a conversation about how to build a budget, and practiced budgeting skills by playing the game NGPF Money Magic.

Students had to budget a magician’s money for his upcoming show and had to decide how much to allocate for maintenance, magic tricks, advertising and venue savings. The goal was to save $50,000 prior to the final show. Unexpected costs like doctor’s visits and costume repair were presented along the way. Our students discussed ways they could cut costs and where money should be spent, all while saving enough. The skills they learned will prepare them for an upcoming budgeting project. Our counselors returned to their offices eager to try the game on their own.