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Students Imitate Birds for Science Lesson

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Centre Avenue school fourth grade students in Ms. Kellie Hughes’ and Ms. Kirsten Miolan’s classes experienced the techniques of eating like a bird during a science lesson.

Students used tools such as a paper cup and a plastic straw to mimic bird beaks such as a duck and a warbler, respectively. They then had to use the beaks to pick up smaller pieces of plastic straws, acting as pretend food, and drop it into another paper cup, acting as the bird’s stomach. The second part of the lesson was a bit more challenging, as students had to pick up the pretend food while avoiding picking up raisins, acting as rocks.

In addition, they also discussed with fellow classmates about which beak they found easier to use when picking up food. This lesson helped students understand the structure of a bird’s beak and the ecosystem in which they live in.