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Google Meet Discussion with 6th and 7th Grade Students

7th graders talking to 6th graders thumbnail218043
7th graders talking to 6th graders thumbnail218044

The 6th grade students at Rhame and Centre recently had the opportunity to participate in a Google Meet with current 7th grade students. The 7th graders talked to the 6th graders about what to expect next year when they enter 7th grade at the Junior/Senior High School. The discussions were facilitated by School Counselors Donna Robbins and Jim O’Driscoll. Seventh-grade students Malalai Khan, Mary Eloisa Lisandra, Merge Pesantez, Luke O’Hanlon, Luke Diamond, Sarah Martin and Julia Kilgus spoke to the 6th graders about topics including having a locker, joining clubs and teams, making new friends and keeping on top of their classwork and homework.

Date Added: 5/31/2022