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Spanish Language Learning

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Students in Ms. Rodriguez, Mr. Bovino and Mr. Gomez’s Spanish classes are off to a great start with their speaking and comprehension.

In Spanish 3 Heritage class, they are building connections with each other and testing their bilingual skills in a fun and competitive way. Students played the card game “Yo sabo,” which allowed them to share stories about growing up in a Latino household and learn difficult Spanish words.

In Spanish 4, the students are exercising their comprehensible output, as they needed to speak only in Spanish while playing a review game.

In Spanish 4-H, students are interviewing each other about their summer activities using the target language.

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, Mr. Bovino's 8th period class participated in a cloze song activity of a famous Spanish song. Students were also identifying cognates in the song to make connections with their home language.

Mr. Gomez's Spanish class practiced introductions using the Target Language.


Date Added: 9/18/2023