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Elementary Curriculum Night and Title I Workshop for Families - Nov. 14



Business Meeting Notice - November 13, 2018


Coach Inducted into Hall of Fame

Coach Inducted into Hall of Fame photo
The district is proud to announce that varsity basketball coach Joe Lores has been selected to be inducted into the New York State Basketball Hall of Fame. This honor is a testament to the many years of hard work, service and dedication that Lores has put towards the district’s basketball program, students and community. 
Lores has had a successful 35-year career as coach at the high school, where he led the program to five conference championships, three Section/Nassau County Championships and two Long Island Championships. With that, his coaching career also includes a total of 222 victories, which is the most wins of any coach in the school’s history.

In addition, Lores has led numerous individual New York State Scholar Athletes, and Scholar Athlete Teams. He also has a strong standing in the community, where his teams have participated in multiple fundraisers for organizations such as Hoops for Heart, Jimmy V. Foundation and Toys for Tots. He continues to raise funds and award the Lorayne & Manuel Lores Memorial Scholarship, Tom Wilkinson Memorial Scholarship and Jack D. Butler Scholarship for district student-athletes.

Lores is the ninth coach from Nassau County to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. The ceremony will take place in Glens falls, New York, in March 2019.

Varsity Football Heads to Semifinals

Varsity Football Heads to Semifinals photo
The Junior-Senior High School varsity football team is heading to the Nassau IV semifinal playoff round, after defeating Malverne 24-12. The Rocks will face Cold Spring Harbor in the semifinal round on Nov. 9 at Hofstra University.

For more information on the Malverne victory, click the Newsday link below.

Literary Character Pumpkin Patch Contest

Centre Avenue’s Reading Action Committee was extremely excited about the school’s first Literary Character Pumpkin Patch Contest, where sixth-grade students and teachers had the opportunity to compete for the best decorated pumpkin at the school. The task was to transform the pumpkin into their favorite fictional literary character. Pumpkins were put on display for three days for the entire school to view the creative works and vote for their favorite pumpkin.

The student and teacher favorites were announced on Halloween and all students were recognized for their amazing work. The contest winners included Erin Lynch, Hudson Arnold, Jacob Eckstein, Jenella Poorajah, Gabriella Schaefer, Camila Lemus and Mrs. Grace. 

Historical Figures Inspire Students

Historical Figures Inspire Students photo
Centre Avenue students from Ms. Dowling and Dr. Soto’s sixth-grade classes selected a famous historical figure that inspired them. Students wrote engaging research based reports through the synthesis of information drawn from several texts.

Band Leaders Take the Podium

Band Leaders Take the Podium photo
Band Leaders Take the Podium photo 2
Elementary Concert Band students at both Centre and Rhame schools have been hard at work preparing a challenging Winter Concert program. Part of the fun includes students volunteering as conductors, who take the podium in the fifteen minutes prior to morning band. Students have been arriving earlier to rehearsals, warming up more thoroughly, and having more productive rehearsal time since student conducting began. The initiative reaches student leadership potential and gives all participants a greater understanding of what it takes to put on a great performance.

Too Good for Drugs Prevention Lessons

Too Good for Drugs Prevention Lessons photo
Too Good for Drugs Prevention Lessons photo 2
Too Good for Drugs Prevention Lessons photo 3
Too Good for Drugs Prevention Lessons photo 4
Junior-Senior High School students participated in activities designed to educate youth and encourage participation in substance abuse prevention for Red Ribbon Week.  

The district’s eight-grade students participated in the launch of the Too Good for Drugs Middle School Prevention Program on Oct. 30. Too Good for Drugs is an evidence based prevention curriculum designed to provide students with the skills, knowledge, and attitudes they need for positive development and prevent the initiation of alcohol and drug use. 

The program is comprised of ten lessons that focus on developing personal and interpersonal skills to resist internal and external pressure to engage in risky behaviors. The program also includes several alcohol/drug specific lessons that focus on the risks and consequences of commonly abused substances.  

School Social Worker Kristen Mednick kicked off the program with the Too Good for Drugs Lesson on goal setting, where students learned how to define a goal, how to identify and apply the steps for setting and reaching a personal goal, and how to name a personal goal using the goal setting model. As part of the lesson, students also participated in an interactive group activity that allowed them to experience and practice managing the potential obstacles that can get in the way of reaching a goal. Adolescents who know how to set and reach personal goals have a stronger sense of self and make better decisions.

School earns award for activism

School earns award for activism photo
The Junior-Senior High School was recently presented with the Academic Year 2017-2018 Silver Award from the New York Blood Center for collecting 81 pints of blood for the Blood Donor Program during the 2017-2018 school year. 

This was achieved through the high school Student Council sponsoring two blood drives last year in November and April.

Carolyn Cestaro, a New York Blood Center representative, presented Student Council Adviser Pam Murano with the certificate for the Silver Award, which was signed by Karen Muscolino, director of donor recruitment for the New York Blood Center.

The high school will be hosting its first blood drive for this school year on Nov. 13, from 7:45 a.m. to 1:45 p.m. at 443 South Ocean Avenue in East Rockaway.

Pink Halloween

Pink Halloween photo
The Junior-Senior High School staff and students wore the color pink for this year’s Halloween festivities to recognize the month of October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Breast Cancer Awareness Month is an annual health campaign organized by major breast cancer charities to increase awareness of the disease and raise funds for research and treatment. Along with wearing pink, high school staff and students also raised funds that will be sent to the Hewlett House, a non-profit organization that aims to help and support breast cancer survivors.

Practicing Healthy Relationship Building

Practicing Healthy Relationship Building photo
Practicing Healthy Relationship Building photo 2
Practicing Healthy Relationship Building photo 3
Junior-Senior High School students participated in proactive circles regarding restorative practices, which are evidence-based processes that proactively build healthy relationships between educators and students, and a sense of community to prevent and address conflict and wrongdoing in schools. This activity was facilitated by School Social Worker Ms. Weissman, Math Teacher Ms. Longo, and English Teacher Ms. Falvo, all of whom are on the Restorative Practices Collegial Circle. Restorative practices reduce, prevent and improve harmful behavior, while repairing harm and restoring positive relationships. 

In addition, restorative practices also resolve conflicts and hold individuals and groups accountable. During proactive circles, students got to know each other, and the circle helped build relationships and trust. These circles created a sense of community and also set the stage for students to listen to one another and help make group decisions. Students followed guidelines that helped ensure that conversations remained positive and allowed for everyone to have an opportunity to share. Some students said it was “empowering,” “relaxing” and “helpful to get to know one another.”

Students Showcase Musical Talents


It was a packed house at the Junior-Senior High School, as seventh- through twelfth-grade students showcased their musical talents for the school’s annual Broadway by the Bay concert. The event opened with a “rockin’” number by the Music Department faculty. It featured more than 20 acts, with a grand finale from the Junior and Senior Chorus. Broadway by the Bay is an annual event that serves as a fundraiser for the Music Department Scholarship Fund.

Rhame Halloween STEAM Project

Rhame Halloween STEAM Project photo
Rhame Halloween STEAM Project photo 2
Rhame Halloween STEAM Project photo 3
Rhame Halloween STEAM Project photo 4

Ms. Allison Gerbert's kindergarten, first- and second-grade class, along with Mrs. Cindy Dower's Safety Patrol/Lunch Buddies at Rhame Avenue teamed up to complete a Halloween STEAM project. Lunch Buddies, Grace, Javon and Vanessa assisted the class as they created a haunted house out of toothpicks and gummy pumpkins for their ghost. After the activity, each group reflected on their creations and drew a picture of their unique structures.


Centre Pumpkin Patch

Centre Pumpkin Patch photo

The Centre Avenue PTA sponsored a pumpkin patch for kindergarten and first grade students on Oct. 26th, where students had the opportunity to pick their own pumpkins in the school’s pumpkin patch. The students had a blast walking through the patch and exploring each pumpkin before selecting one they took home with them.

Students also studied the pumpkins, where they were given the opportunity to touch, examine, think about and experiment with the pumpkins. A popular experiment among students was discovering if pumpkins could sink or float once put in water. 

Students Get Active in Physics

AP Physics 1 students participated in a cooperative learning activity where they had to teach a Part II problem to the rest of the class. While students were not presenting, they followed along and asked questions about the problem.

In addition, AP Physics 1 students also used photogate timers to calculate the acceleration for a dynamics cart moving down a dynamics track. Students were given no instructions other than their task and had to work together to plan and execute their own experiment.

Meanwhile in Regents Physics, students dropped different objects from different heights to calculate and determine the acceleration due to gravity near the surface of the Earth. Students calculated the percent error between their value and the accepted value of 9.81 m/s2. Students also made the conclusion that mass does not influence the flight time for a projectile.

Rhame Stands Against Bullying


Elementary students at Rhame Avenue celebrate Unity Day, as part of National Bullying Prevention month. Students participated in this nationwide event to raise awareness of bullying prevention through events, activities, outreach and education. For the day, students wore orange clothing and signed a unity pledge during lunch. These activities help send a message that the school stands against bullying and united for kindness, acceptance and inclusion.

Centre Hosts Assemblies for Red Ribbon Week

Centre Hosts Assemblies for Red Ribbon Week photo
Code of Conduct assemblies were held for Centre Avenue Elementary School’s second- to sixth-grade students of the East Rockaway School District, as a culminating activity to recognize Red Ribbon Week. Red Ribbon Week is a national drug prevention program that takes place Oct. 23-Oct. 31 every year.

Information was presented to students about being respectful, inclusive, and kind to create a safe and supportive learning environment for all. Students presented the “WE ROCK” slogan, where each letter stood for a characteristic that students aim to achieve. In addition, students witnessed a video created by fellow classmates describing the function of the buddy bench outside by the playground.

Centre Avenue Honors Unity Day

Centre Avenue had a great time celebrating Unity Day. The Student Council worked hard to prepare by decorating a poster and writing speeches to their peers explaining what Unity Day meant to them. At lunch, they volunteered to hand out stickers, perform skits and helped classmates sign the Unity Pledge. It was a great way for our students to learn from each other, and we look forward to a great year ahead.


Students Use Bears to Assist in Learning

Students Use Bears to Assist in Learning photo

Centre Avenue kindergarten students were accompanied by special stuffed teddy bears for a week for “A day in the life of a kindergartner.”

Throughout the week, students brought the teddy bears with them for a variety of activities, including gym, art, library, and music classes. They also listened to stories, learned their letter sounds and enjoyed being together.

While learning about shadows in their science unit, students also took the teddy bears outside to investigate the bears’ shadows. Students also had fun with their teddy bears in math, where they visited their measurement unit. With this, each student used colorful links to measure their bears’ circumference, and also used Unifix cubes to measure their bears’ height. Prior to the assignment, students made educated guesses and were able check their hypothesis’ afterward by using the manipulatives.

Staff Wears Orange for Unity Day

Staff Wears Orange for Unity Day photo
The staff at East Rockaway Junior-Senior High School wore orange on Unity Day to make a powerful and unified statement that we all stand united against bullying, and support messages of kindness, acceptance and inclusion.

Learning Syllables Using a Drum

Learning Syllables Using a Drum photo

Mrs. Caroline Drummy’s kindergarten classroom at Rhame Avenue was booming with drum beats, as elementary music teacher Mrs. Jessica Salaway brought in a single “my first” drum to help students learn about syllables.

Students drummed, clapped, stomped and “chomped” the syllables in their names and in words, and then graphed their results on a tree map. After that, students worked in small groups, where they played fun syllable games. 

Mrs. Drummy said having Mrs. Salaway bring the drum into the classroom allowed students to hear the beat and sounds of their names. “They learned a new instrument, and also learned that we hear sounds and syllables in music too,” said Mrs. Drummy. “The drum was a very engaging tool to bring into the classroom for the concept and skill being taught.”

Tri-M students Visit Lincoln Center

Tri-M students Visit Lincoln Center photo
The high school chapter of the Tri-M Music Honor Society students ventured to the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, where they witnessed a performance by the New York Philharmonic.

The students attended a matinee concert that featured standard works by Sergei Rachmaninoff and Jean Sibelius, as well as a modern composition by Louis Andriessen. This was a first-time visit to the center and seeing a performance by a professional orchestra for many of the students. 

Founded in 1842, the New York Philharmonic is one of the oldest musical institutions in the United States and is considered one of today’s leading American orchestral groups.

Tri-M Music Honor Society is a national honor society that recognizes students for their academic and musical achievements. This is the first year for the East Rockaway High School Chapter, which currently has 15 members.  

Every Step You Take

Every Step You Take
Every Move You Make
Every Bond You Break
Junior-Senior High School 7-12 grade students worked on an activity called “Every Step You Take” for National Bullying Prevention Month. Students received orange footprints and were provided an opportunity to reflect on the steps they can take to create a world without bullying. Some examples included, "Tell an Adult,” “Comfort the Person Being Bullied,” “Be Kind,” “Be Empathetic,” and etc. These footprints are displayed on the walls around the building. This activity is designed to help students recognize that every step they take individually helps unite all students along the path for kindness, acceptance and inclusion.

Creating Review Sheets in Spanish 2

Junior-Senior High School ninth-grade students worked diligently in student led groups of their Spanish 2 class to create a review sheet or mock questions for their unit exam.

‘Be Drug Free’

‘Be Drug Free’ photo
‘Be Drug Free’ photo 2
Rhame Avenue Kiwanis Kids helped spread the message that the school is taking a stand against drugs, in honor of Red Ribbon Week. Using red solo cups, students spelled out “Be Drug Free!!!!” along the fence of the school. Red Ribbon Week is an annual campaign that raises awareness to prevent the use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs and violence.

Ten Years Walking For Lupus

Ten Years Walking For Lupus photo
Junior-Senior High School students participated in the 25th annual Walk-Along for Lupus at Eisenhower Park on Oct. 21. This is the tenth-year students from the high school joined the cause, with 40 students participating this year. The goal is to raise awareness and help those who are affected by Lupus. The team raised more than $1,500, which will go towards research for treatment and a cure. The participating students were from grades 7-12, including members of the National Honor Society.

Reading Round Table

Reading Round Table photo
Reading Round Table photo 2
Reading Round Table photo 3
Junior-Senior High School students of Ms. Castellano’s and Ms. Falvo's seventh-grade ELA class participated in a reading round table activity. Students worked in cooperative learning groups to analyze vignettes from Sandra Cisneros' “The House on Mango Street.” Every student was given a specific role for this reading activity, which helped each student process and ultimately discuss the same content from various perspectives.

New Director of Technology

New Director of Technology photo
Board of Education members appointed Lee Araoz as the district’s new director of technology and learning analytics at the October board meeting.

Mr. Araoz comes to the district after serving three years as district coordinator of instructional technology for Lawrence Public Schools. During his time as coordinator and classroom teacher at Lawrence, he worked to infuse cutting-edge educational technology into the New York State curriculum. 

With 30 years of experience working with elementary, middle and high school students, teachers and administrators, he specializes in providing job-embedded professional development as an instructional coach, teacher trainer, and technology integrationist. 

Mr. Araoz is a Google Certified Educator and has presented extensively in school districts, college campuses and educational conferences throughout the county. His dynamic presentations highlight the various ways educators can integrate technology to facilitate and enhance student-directed, passion-based learning experiences for the K-12 grade levels.

Along with his certification, Mr. Araoz earned his undergraduate and graduate degrees from LIU C.W. Post. He’s also currently serving on the New York State Education Department’s Educational Technology Advisory Committee for the 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 school years.

At the meeting, Superintendent of Schools Lisa Ruiz welcomed Mr. Araoz to the district and wished him success in his new position. 

Elementary Schools Shade Out Drugs

Elementary Schools Shade Out Drugs photo
Students at Rhame Avenue and Centre Avenue elementary schools wore sunglasses during Red Ribbon Week to help spread the message that the district stands against drugs. Red Ribbon Week is an annual campaign that raises awareness to prevent the use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs and violence.

Caring Kids

caring image
During National Bullying Prevention Month, School Social Worker Dawn McCabe presented Caring Kids to kindergarten and first-grade students. Caring Kids is a two-session, anti-bullying workshop comprised of story-telling, role playing and puppetry. It teaches students to identify feelings, practice empathy, respect differences, identifying bullying and effectively respond to bullying. Pictured are students engaged in the program at Centre Avenue.

ENL Parent Academy in East Rockaway

ENL Parent Academy in East Rockaway photo

Students and families enrolled in the K-12 ENL Program in the East Rockaway School District attended a special ENL Parent Academy on Oct. 10. The evening began with an introduction of the ENL staff and a welcome from Superintendent of Schools Lisa Ruiz.

With the help of bi-lingual student volunteers, families learned all about the ENL program’s offerings, opportunities that are available at all three schools, and useful apps and programs. During small breakout sessions, families worked with faculty and students to log on to the Infinite Campus Parent Portal and practiced with the Google Translate App.

The evening culminated with a special dinner, which provided students, families and staff the opportunity to informally chat and mingle. 

Promoting Bullying Prevention

Promoting Bullying Prevention photo
Promoting Bullying Prevention photo 2
Promoting Bullying Prevention photo 3
Throughout the month of October, students at the Junior-Senior High School have been participating in activities to recognize National Bully Prevention Month. These activities include signing the “United We Stand Against Bullying and Drugs” pledge and reflecting upon the “Every Step You Take Initiative,” which students document steps they will take to end bullying. 

In addition, all seventh- and eighth-grade students also engaged in activities in their English class that promoted the prevention of bullying with the school social worker, Ms. Amy Weissman. Students took a quiz called “Test Your Knowledge” to gauge what they know about bullying. Several topics were discussed, including Dignity For All Students Act, different types of bullying, conflict vs. bullying, what to do if students experience bullying, what to say to the person being bullied, how to be an upstander, seeking help from trusted adults and learning the criminal aspects of cyber bullying. Students were encouraged to sign the antibullying pledge banner during their advisory classes and to wear orange on Unity Day, which is Oct. 24.

In preparation for the day, members of the Student Council and National Honors Society placed orange fence cups into the athletic fence that spells #UNITY. The purpose is to create a visual and powerful message that the high school is united against bullying.

Homecoming 2018


Honoring 9/11

Honoring 9/11
Eighth-grade students visited the 9/11 Memorial & Museum in lower Manhattan this last week. It was the culmination of an entire skills-building unit of informational text taken from the 9/11 Commission Report where the students created timelines and thinking maps to better understand and analyze the events of September 11, 2001. The students visited the museum first and saw many of the artifacts which were recovered from that infamous day. They immersed themselves in the experience and then went outside to the memorial where they all honored Andrew Stern as well as others who lost family & friends.

Volunteering in the Community

Volunteering in the Community 1
 Volunteering in the Community 2
Members of the Cross-Country team, along with their coach Ken Anderson, volunteered and manned the water stops at this year's Seagull Classic fundraising run throughout the village. Our students are constantly giving back to the community!

Board Members and Students Honored

Board Members and Students Honored photo
Board Members and Students Honored photo 2
Board Members and Students Honored photo 3
Board Members and Students Honored photo 4
Members of the Board of Education and Junior-Senior High School’s high-achieving students were honored at the Board of Education meeting. To start the night, ENL Junior-Senior High School students Margiory Nicho, Nicole Mena Rivas and Kayla DeLaCruz led the auditorium in the Pledge of Allegiance in both Spanish and English.

The Centre school staff then presented members of the board with T-shirts that displayed notes from students expressing their appreciation for all the hard work they do. The board also witnessed an appreciation video that was crafted by Centre Avenue News students, who voiced the accomplishments the board has carried out within district.

This follows the New York State School Boards Association’s School Board Recognition Week that runs from Oct. 22-26, which allows school board members to be recognized for their volunteer service, commitment and contributions to their schools and community.

“Local school board members are strong advocates for public education and are responsible for ensuring that our children receive the best high-quality education possible by working closely with parents, education professionals and community members to create the educational vision we hold for our students,” said Superintendent of Schools Lisa Ruiz. “On behalf of the faculty and staff of the East Rockaway School District, I would like to express our sincere appreciation for our board of education trustees for the significant time and unwavering dedication they give to their positions. I’m honored to be working with this fine and dedicated group of individuals going into my sixth year.”

Junior-Senior High School Principal Richard Schaffer presented all Advance Placement Scholars and SuperMaster students with certificates, where 26 students and a parent were in attendance to receive the honor. SuperMaster students are those who scared 95 or higher on one or more Regents exam, while Advance Placement Scholars are students who were recognized for their successful performance on the 2018 AP exams. 


Volunteer students and teachers completed their last practice build in the auditorium lobby before the annual CANstruction competition and food drive. Check out for more info & to visit the public display at the RXR Plaza in Uniondale starting October 26.

Assisting Kiwanis for Fundraiser

Assisting Kiwanis for Fundraiser photo
The Builder's Club of the Junior-Senior High School assisted the Kiwanis Club with their annual Spaghetti Dinner fundraiser. The students walked over after school and set up for the entire dinner in no time. The evening was a great success and students had the opportunity to spend time with Kiwanis extraordinaire Ethel Gilloon. Thanks to the Kiwanis and all involved for their hard work in helping the children of our community.

Experimenting with Bird Beaks

Experimenting with Bird Beaks photo
Experimenting with Bird Beaks photo 2
Ms. Hughes’ and Ms. Miolan’s fourth-grade students at Centre Avenue have been hard at work learning about animal adaptations. Students recently had the opportunity to investigate how the bodies of animals help them meet their needs with a beak experiment. With that, they explored different tools that mimicked bird's beaks, and then had to try to pick up food with the different tools. Based on their observations, students were able to conclude why bird beaks are different shapes.

Geometry in Action

geometry image
Students in Mrs. Palazzolo's Geometry Labs used "Miras" to explore the concept of symmetry and reflections as transformations in two dimensional geometry. The "Mira" is an optical drawing instrument. The "Mira" has an advantage over using a mirror because it allows the student to see the original at all times. The result being able to map one image over another. Students started with words and moved onto reflections on the coordinate plane.

Transformation Battle Ship

Transformation Battle Ship photo
Transformation Battle Ship photo 2
Transformation Battle Ship photo 3
In order to bring the curriculum to life, tenth-grade math students were given a coordinate plane, dry markers and a set of dice. Their mission was to “wipe out” the other team by applying rules of translations and reflections. Students were able to conclude that the closer they set up their players at the beginning, the easier it is to wipe out. Also that every player has a danger zone of 6 (radius).

Cells Alive

cells at work
Students in Mr. Duet’s 8th grade accelerated Living Environment class exploring the ”cells alive” website using laptops.

Showcasing Explorers

Showcasing Explorers photo
Seventh-grade students in Joyce Kenny’s social studies class were put into groups and assigned an explorer. After completing research from three different sources, students created Google slideshows that showcased the significance of the explorer and why they deserved their own holiday. Groups had to then create a holiday for their explorer, including activities that may be done on that day and what day it would be celebrated. Each group presented their finished work and the class voted on the most persuasive “holiday” to add to the calendar.

Students Practice Syntax When Writing Letters

Students Practice Syntax When Writing Letters photo
Students Practice Syntax When Writing Letters photo 2
Students Practice Syntax When Writing Letters photo 3
Students in Ms. Falvo's AP Language & Composition class at the Junior-Senior High School were assigned various tone words to write in "break-up" letters. Students were meant to carefully consider word choice and syntax as they wrote their letters. They then shared their letters aloud and classmates analyzed them to determine what tone they were written in.

Taking the Anti-Bullying Pledge

Taking the Anti-Bullying Pledge photo
Taking the Anti-Bullying Pledge photo 2
Taking the Anti-Bullying Pledge photo 3
With October as National Bullying Prevention Month, students in East Rockaway schools are participating in a variety of activities to Stand United Against Bullying. Most recently, third- through sixth-graders at Rhame Avenue and Centre Avenue Schools have been working with guidance counselor Mr. O’Driscoll on activities that help them to be a “Kid Against Bullying.” Each student has been invited to take a pledge to “speak up, reach out and be a friend” whenever they see bullying.

Fire Safety

Fire Safety photo
Fire Safety photo 2
Local volunteer firefighters visited Centre Avenue School to discuss fire safety tips. Students also had the opportunity to tour the fire truck, spray the fire hose and learn about the firefighting uniform.

Clerk Visits Student Council

Clerk Visits Student Council photo
Members of the Student Council at Rhame Avenue were visited by Hempstead Town Clerk Sylvia Cabana. Ms. Cabana discussed the importance of government in a community, as well as provided students with examples of the important decisions she has to make every day in her role.

New Bus Arrives

New Bus Arrives photo
As part of its ongoing health and safety initiative, the district has purchased a new bus. It officially arrived today and bus driver Jimmy Lores is very excited for the inaugural drive. The purchase had been approved by voters in May.

Students Engage in Teamwork

Students Engage in Teamwork photo
Students Engage in Teamwork photo 2
Students Engage in Teamwork photo 3
Students Engage in Teamwork photo 4
Centre Avenue School students recently participated in a Human Game Board assembly. The goal for the assembly was for students to engage in teamwork and display good sportsmanship while completing the activities. Students and staff enjoyed competing while fellow teammates cheered them on. 

Testing Soil for Science Research

Testing Soil for Science Research photo
Over the summer, Science Research senior Scott Buzzolani participated in Hofstra University's Living with the Bay Program. Scott worked alongside his mentor, Dr. Emma Farmer, to collect samples of various grasses along Hempstead Turnpike. He then tested each sample to determine whether or not lead can be taken up by their grass roots, as it is believed that lead could have contaminated the soil around this area from storms and flooding, the paving of roads and gas pollution. The purpose of the experiment was to test whether we should be concerned about the possibility of lead poisoning through our meats. Scott presented his findings at Hofstra University on September 26, and further shared his information with his fellow science research classmates.

Engaging Workshop Uncovers History

Engaging Workshop Uncovers History photo
Engaging Workshop Uncovers History photo 2
Engaging Workshop Uncovers History photo 3
High school students in Mr. Nicholas Taylor’s and Ms. Valerie Parasmo's 10th grade Global Studies classes were pleasantly surprised during an Age of Exploration workshop, where they were greeted with a pineapple at their desks. 

Using their Dell Laptops, students were taken back in time on a mission to uncover the historical mysteries of the pineapple’s global exploration. While researching the original global trade routes of the world between 1450-1750, students discovered that the pineapple was considered an extraordinary luxury item that only grew in one part of the world, which required merchants to have a seamless voyage from Polynesian Islands to Europe in order to deliver an edible fruit. Students engaged in a price-is-right themed activity to guess the value of the pineapple during that time period. 

Mr. Taylor said the purpose of the lesson is to allow students to make a real world connection to historical events. 

Science in Action

Students in Mr. Crowley's AP Environmental Science class completing a laboratory experiment that uses the Scientific Method.


Accelerating AP

AP Physics 1 students are studying acceleration by using slow-motion video to analyze an object rolling down an incline. Students will use the videos to keep track of the object's position and time for various inclines.


BOE Honors Deep-Rooted Employee

BOE Honors Deep-Rooted Employee photo
The Board of Education recognized the efforts of long-standing custodian Miguel Soto at its Sept. 27 board meeting. After serving the district for 40 years, Soto has decided to retire earlier this year.

Soto joined the East Rockaway custodial staff as a cleaner in June 1978 and was promoted to custodian in January 1986. He’s spent most of his career at Centre Avenue School, until 2017 when he joined the East Rockaway Junior-Senior High School staff. Soto has two sons, both of whom graduated from East Rockaway high school, and a proud grandfather of five grandchildren.

Along with being a dedicated staff member, Soto was also an active community member, where he was a Centre Avenue PTA Lifetime Honoree, a reading partner at Centre Avenue for more than 30 years, and is an active parishioner at St. Raymond’s Church. Soto also translated and assisted district ENL families.

Comparing Civilizations

Comparing Civilizations photo
Seventh-graders in Ms. Kenny and Ms. Pineda’s Social Studies class worked cooperatively to create large “Double Bubble” thinking maps to compare and contrast the significant achievements of Early American civilizations, specifically the Maya, Inca and Aztec.

Exploring the Library

Exploring the Library photo
Exploring the Library photo 2
Centre Avenue School’s Kellie Hughes and Kirsten Miolan’s fourth-grade classes recently had the opportunity to visit the East Rockaway Public Library. The purpose of this visit was to learn how to select books that will help students with their first writing workshop piece, Animal Rockin' Research. Students had the opportunity to select an animal of their choice and explore the library with the help of local librarians.

Collaborating for History Lesson

Collaborating for History Lesson photo
Collaborating for History Lesson photo 2
Collaborating for History Lesson photo 3
With the 2018-2019 school year in full swing, high school students were hard at work during Mr. Tesoriero’s 4th period US history class. Students worked collaboratively to analyze and interpret political cartoons, world maps, and primary sources involving the French and Indian War.

AP Scholars in East Rockaway

AP Scholars in East Rockaway photo
Twenty-four high school past and present students earned the designation of Advanced Placement Scholars for excelling on the 2018 AP exams. With 13 students named AP Scholars, six were named AP Scholar with Honor and five were named AP Scholars with Distinction. 

The district congratulates the following students on achieving this honor:

AP Scholars with Distinction
Granted to students who receive an average score of at least 3.5 on all AP Exams taken, and scores of 3 or higher on five or more exams.

Marissela Gomez,* Daniel Salazar,* Andrew Schwarzman,* Gabriella Walsh,* and Peter Wilson.* 

AP Scholars with Honor
Granted to students who receive an average score of at least 3.25 on all AP Exams taken, and scores of 3 or higher on four or more of these exams.

Scott Buzzolani,* Caitlin Cassini,* Andrew Machovec,* Laura Millar, Emma Neary, and Alexandra Pozo.

AP Scholars 
Granted to students who receive scores of 3 or higher on three or more AP Exams.

Logan Ackerman, Cassandra Araujo,* Isabella Dacosta, Sarah Donnelly,* Rachael Graves,* Andrew LaBarbera, Martin Leistenschneider, Christopher Levins, Juliet McCarthy, Kristina McDougal,* Sadrija Neljkovic, Jaclyn Ragusa and Luz Reyes.*

*Class of 2018

Soccer Player Scores 100 Goals

Soccer Player Scores 100 Goals photo
Senior forward Kailey Hyland reached the significant individual milestone of scoring her 100th goal of her varsity soccer career during the Sept. 24 East Rockaway/Malverne away game against Great Neck South. A commemorative ball will be placed in the schools display case in her honor. Congratulations!

Crafting Frames for Family Initiative

Crafting Frames for Family Initiative photo
Crafting Frames for Family Initiative photo 2
Students James Bonziglia and Francisco Nunez, of Mr. Cimorelli’s production systems class, assist each other in assembling frames for the district’s “Engage EVERY Family” initiative posters that will be placed around the school. The mission for the initiative is to enhance communication and outreach within the school community to increase family and community engagement, connection, ownership and partnership. 

Schools Illuminate Peace

Schools Illuminate Peace photo

It was a peaceful day in the district on Sept. 21, as students and staff of Rhame Avenue and Centre Avenue schools participated in celebrating International Day of Peace. The holiday was created by the United Nations in 1981 to encourage people around the globe to work towards a more peaceful world.

At Rhame, the school’s PTA provided each student with the tools needed to create a pinwheel. When the students completed crafting their pinwheel, they collaborated in planting them in the ground in the shape of a peace sign to create a whirlwind of peace.

Students at Centre also exhibited their artistic talents in celebration of the day. Teachers took students outside throughout the day to create artwork displaying peace using sidewalk chalk. The school called the activity Chalk4Peace. Students and staff also showed their spirit by wearing white. In addition, lessons were focused around the topics of character education, and all classes created a Peace Pledge that will be displayed in classrooms.

Students Participate in Surfer’s Healing

Students Participate in Surfer’s Healing photo

Students from the high school and Rhame Avenue School had the opportunity to participate in this year's Surfer's Healing event at Anchor Beach. The mission of Surfers Healing is to enrich the lives of youth by exposing them to the unique experience of surfing.

Students Receive All-State Recognition

Students Receive All-State Recognition photo
High School senior Ms. Laura Millar has been selected to perform at this year’s NYSSMA All-State Conference in Rochester, New York, this November. Ms. Millar’s selection came after she scored 100 percent/A+ on a level 6, All-State solo. 

The conference will be held from Nov. 29 – Dec. 2 at the Rochester Convention Center. There, Ms. Millar will be performing on her clarinet with the Symphonic Band.

In addition, high school junior Ms. Michelle Landerer has also been designated as an Alternate - Soprano I for the chorus. Ms. Landerer earned her designation by scoring 100 percent/A+ on a level 6, All-State solo.

Remembering 9/11

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Rhame Avenue School sixth-graders received a visit from a member of the 9/11 Memorial & Museum on Sept. 14, as a way for the school to commemorate the 17th anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

Ms. Karen Lazar, a volunteer docent of the 9/11 Memorial & Museum in New York City, spoke to students in Ms. Kassie Tillem-Spero’s and Ms. Maureen Sheerin’s classes about the tragic events that took place that day. 

The mission of the 9/11 Memorial & Museum is to honor and remember the victims, educate students on why it’s important to remember and inform them on what they can do to sustain the memory of that day.

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