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Volunteer students and teachers completed their last practice build in the auditorium lobby before the annual CANstruction competition and food drive. Check out for more info & to visit the public display at the RXR Plaza in Uniondale starting October 26.

Unity Day Reminder


Assisting Kiwanis for Fundraiser

Assisting Kiwanis for Fundraiser photo
The Builder's Club of the Junior-Senior High School assisted the Kiwanis Club with their annual Spaghetti Dinner fundraiser. The students walked over after school and set up for the entire dinner in no time. The evening was a great success and students had the opportunity to spend time with Kiwanis extraordinaire Ethel Gilloon. Thanks to the Kiwanis and all involved for their hard work in helping the children of our community.

Experimenting with Bird Beaks

Experimenting with Bird Beaks photo
Experimenting with Bird Beaks photo 2
Ms. Hughes’ and Ms. Miolan’s fourth-grade students at Centre Avenue have been hard at work learning about animal adaptations. Students recently had the opportunity to investigate how the bodies of animals help them meet their needs with a beak experiment. With that, they explored different tools that mimicked bird's beaks, and then had to try to pick up food with the different tools. Based on their observations, students were able to conclude why bird beaks are different shapes.

Geometry in Action

geometry image
Students in Mrs. Palazzolo's Geometry Labs used "Miras" to explore the concept of symmetry and reflections as transformations in two dimensional geometry. The "Mira" is an optical drawing instrument. The "Mira" has an advantage over using a mirror because it allows the student to see the original at all times. The result being able to map one image over another. Students started with words and moved onto reflections on the coordinate plane.

Transformation Battle Ship

Transformation Battle Ship photo
Transformation Battle Ship photo 2
Transformation Battle Ship photo 3
In order to bring the curriculum to life, tenth-grade math students were given a coordinate plane, dry markers and a set of dice. Their mission was to “wipe out” the other team by applying rules of translations and reflections. Students were able to conclude that the closer they set up their players at the beginning, the easier it is to wipe out. Also that every player has a danger zone of 6 (radius).

Cells Alive

cells at work
Students in Mr. Duet’s 8th grade accelerated Living Environment class exploring the ”cells alive” website using laptops.

Showcasing Explorers

Showcasing Explorers photo
Seventh-grade students in Joyce Kenny’s social studies class were put into groups and assigned an explorer. After completing research from three different sources, students created Google slideshows that showcased the significance of the explorer and why they deserved their own holiday. Groups had to then create a holiday for their explorer, including activities that may be done on that day and what day it would be celebrated. Each group presented their finished work and the class voted on the most persuasive “holiday” to add to the calendar.

NYS School Board Recognition Week

recognition week image
Thank you to our Board of Education! Learn more by visiting:

Students Practice Syntax When Writing Letters

Students Practice Syntax When Writing Letters photo
Students Practice Syntax When Writing Letters photo 2
Students Practice Syntax When Writing Letters photo 3
Students in Ms. Falvo's AP Language & Composition class at the Junior-Senior High School were assigned various tone words to write in "break-up" letters. Students were meant to carefully consider word choice and syntax as they wrote their letters. They then shared their letters aloud and classmates analyzed them to determine what tone they were written in.

Taking the Anti-Bullying Pledge

Taking the Anti-Bullying Pledge photo
Taking the Anti-Bullying Pledge photo 2
Taking the Anti-Bullying Pledge photo 3
With October as National Bullying Prevention Month, students in East Rockaway schools are participating in a variety of activities to Stand United Against Bullying. Most recently, third- through sixth-graders at Rhame Avenue and Centre Avenue Schools have been working with guidance counselor Mr. O’Driscoll on activities that help them to be a “Kid Against Bullying.” Each student has been invited to take a pledge to “speak up, reach out and be a friend” whenever they see bullying.

Homecoming Flyer and Parent Letter


Fire Safety

Fire Safety photo
Fire Safety photo 2
Local volunteer firefighters visited Centre Avenue School to discuss fire safety tips. Students also had the opportunity to tour the fire truck, spray the fire hose and learn about the firefighting uniform.

Upcoming Parent Workshop


Clerk Visits Student Council

Clerk Visits Student Council photo
Members of the Student Council at Rhame Avenue were visited by Hempstead Town Clerk Sylvia Cabana. Ms. Cabana discussed the importance of government in a community, as well as provided students with examples of the important decisions she has to make every day in her role.

Spirit Week

In preparation for Homecoming, the ERHS Student Council is sponsoring Spirit Week from October 15-19. Each day of the week will have a specific theme and students are encouraged to dress for the day according to those themes. Spirit Days include: 'Merica Monday, Tumble out of Bed Tuesday, Wacky Tacky Wednesday, TV Thursday and Black and Orange Friday.


New Bus Arrives

New Bus Arrives photo
As part of its ongoing health and safety initiative, the district has purchased a new bus. It officially arrived today and bus driver Jimmy Lores is very excited for the inaugural drive. The purchase had been approved by voters in May.

Students Engage in Teamwork

Students Engage in Teamwork photo
Students Engage in Teamwork photo 2
Students Engage in Teamwork photo 3
Students Engage in Teamwork photo 4
Centre Avenue School students recently participated in a Human Game Board assembly. The goal for the assembly was for students to engage in teamwork and display good sportsmanship while completing the activities. Students and staff enjoyed competing while fellow teammates cheered them on. 

Testing Soil for Science Research

Testing Soil for Science Research photo
Over the summer, Science Research senior Scott Buzzolani participated in Hofstra University's Living with the Bay Program. Scott worked alongside his mentor, Dr. Emma Farmer, to collect samples of various grasses along Hempstead Turnpike. He then tested each sample to determine whether or not lead can be taken up by their grass roots, as it is believed that lead could have contaminated the soil around this area from storms and flooding, the paving of roads and gas pollution. The purpose of the experiment was to test whether we should be concerned about the possibility of lead poisoning through our meats. Scott presented his findings at Hofstra University on September 26, and further shared his information with his fellow science research classmates.

Engaging Workshop Uncovers History

Engaging Workshop Uncovers History photo
Engaging Workshop Uncovers History photo 2
Engaging Workshop Uncovers History photo 3
High school students in Mr. Nicholas Taylor’s and Ms. Valerie Parasmo's 10th grade Global Studies classes were pleasantly surprised during an Age of Exploration workshop, where they were greeted with a pineapple at their desks. 

Using their Dell Laptops, students were taken back in time on a mission to uncover the historical mysteries of the pineapple’s global exploration. While researching the original global trade routes of the world between 1450-1750, students discovered that the pineapple was considered an extraordinary luxury item that only grew in one part of the world, which required merchants to have a seamless voyage from Polynesian Islands to Europe in order to deliver an edible fruit. Students engaged in a price-is-right themed activity to guess the value of the pineapple during that time period. 

Mr. Taylor said the purpose of the lesson is to allow students to make a real world connection to historical events. 

Science in Action

Students in Mr. Crowley's AP Environmental Science class completing a laboratory experiment that uses the Scientific Method.


Accelerating AP

AP Physics 1 students are studying acceleration by using slow-motion video to analyze an object rolling down an incline. Students will use the videos to keep track of the object's position and time for various inclines.


Rocks vs. CSH Football

Newsday Article

BOE Honors Deep-Rooted Employee

BOE Honors Deep-Rooted Employee photo
The Board of Education recognized the efforts of long-standing custodian Miguel Soto at its Sept. 27 board meeting. After serving the district for 40 years, Soto has decided to retire earlier this year.

Soto joined the East Rockaway custodial staff as a cleaner in June 1978 and was promoted to custodian in January 1986. He’s spent most of his career at Centre Avenue School, until 2017 when he joined the East Rockaway Junior-Senior High School staff. Soto has two sons, both of whom graduated from East Rockaway high school, and a proud grandfather of five grandchildren.

Along with being a dedicated staff member, Soto was also an active community member, where he was a Centre Avenue PTA Lifetime Honoree, a reading partner at Centre Avenue for more than 30 years, and is an active parishioner at St. Raymond’s Church. Soto also translated and assisted district ENL families.

Comparing Civilizations

Comparing Civilizations photo
Seventh-graders in Ms. Kenny and Ms. Pineda’s Social Studies class worked cooperatively to create large “Double Bubble” thinking maps to compare and contrast the significant achievements of Early American civilizations, specifically the Maya, Inca and Aztec.

Continuing the Stand Against Bullying

Continuing the Stand Against Bullying photo
The district continues to recognize the month of October as National Bullying Prevention Month, with this year’s message “United We Stand Against Bullying & Drugs.” 

Throughout the month, communities unite nationwide through events, activities, outreach, and education to raise awareness of bullying prevention. The district is once again joining the movement to inspire, educate and encourage everyone to take an active role in bullying prevention. Together we can make a difference!

Students can make a commitment to support others who have been hurt or harmed, treat others with kindness, be more accepting of people’s differences, and help include those who are left out by taking the “Together Against Bullying” online pledge. Those interested in taking the pledge can visit

In addition, the East Rockaway community can show their support by wearing orange for Unity Day on Oct. 24th. By wearing orange, schools and communities unite against bullying, and unite for kindness, acceptance and inclusion, while demonstrating support and hope.

Strategic Plan PowerPoint


Exploring the Library

Exploring the Library photo
Exploring the Library photo 2
Centre Avenue School’s Kellie Hughes and Kirsten Miolan’s fourth-grade classes recently had the opportunity to visit the East Rockaway Public Library. The purpose of this visit was to learn how to select books that will help students with their first writing workshop piece, Animal Rockin' Research. Students had the opportunity to select an animal of their choice and explore the library with the help of local librarians.

Collaborating for History Lesson

Collaborating for History Lesson photo
Collaborating for History Lesson photo 2
Collaborating for History Lesson photo 3
With the 2018-2019 school year in full swing, high school students were hard at work during Mr. Tesoriero’s 4th period US history class. Students worked collaboratively to analyze and interpret political cartoons, world maps, and primary sources involving the French and Indian War.

AP Scholars in East Rockaway

AP Scholars in East Rockaway photo
Twenty-four high school past and present students earned the designation of Advanced Placement Scholars for excelling on the 2018 AP exams. With 13 students named AP Scholars, six were named AP Scholar with Honor and five were named AP Scholars with Distinction. 

The district congratulates the following students on achieving this honor:

AP Scholars with Distinction
Granted to students who receive an average score of at least 3.5 on all AP Exams taken, and scores of 3 or higher on five or more exams.

Marissela Gomez,* Daniel Salazar,* Andrew Schwarzman,* Gabriella Walsh,* and Peter Wilson.* 

AP Scholars with Honor
Granted to students who receive an average score of at least 3.25 on all AP Exams taken, and scores of 3 or higher on four or more of these exams.

Scott Buzzolani,* Caitlin Cassini,* Andrew Machovec,* Laura Millar, Emma Neary, and Alexandra Pozo.

AP Scholars 
Granted to students who receive scores of 3 or higher on three or more AP Exams.

Logan Ackerman, Cassandra Araujo,* Isabella Dacosta, Sarah Donnelly,* Rachael Graves,* Andrew LaBarbera, Martin Leistenschneider, Christopher Levins, Juliet McCarthy, Kristina McDougal,* Sadrija Neljkovic, Jaclyn Ragusa and Luz Reyes.*

*Class of 2018

Soccer Player Scores 100 Goals

Soccer Player Scores 100 Goals photo
Senior forward Kailey Hyland reached the significant individual milestone of scoring her 100th goal of her varsity soccer career during the Sept. 24 East Rockaway/Malverne away game against Great Neck South. A commemorative ball will be placed in the schools display case in her honor. Congratulations!

Crafting Frames for Family Initiative

Crafting Frames for Family Initiative photo
Crafting Frames for Family Initiative photo 2
Students James Bonziglia and Francisco Nunez, of Mr. Cimorelli’s production systems class, assist each other in assembling frames for the district’s “Engage EVERY Family” initiative posters that will be placed around the school. The mission for the initiative is to enhance communication and outreach within the school community to increase family and community engagement, connection, ownership and partnership. 

Schools Illuminate Peace

Schools Illuminate Peace photo

It was a peaceful day in the district on Sept. 21, as students and staff of Rhame Avenue and Centre Avenue schools participated in celebrating International Day of Peace. The holiday was created by the United Nations in 1981 to encourage people around the globe to work towards a more peaceful world.

At Rhame, the school’s PTA provided each student with the tools needed to create a pinwheel. When the students completed crafting their pinwheel, they collaborated in planting them in the ground in the shape of a peace sign to create a whirlwind of peace.

Students at Centre also exhibited their artistic talents in celebration of the day. Teachers took students outside throughout the day to create artwork displaying peace using sidewalk chalk. The school called the activity Chalk4Peace. Students and staff also showed their spirit by wearing white. In addition, lessons were focused around the topics of character education, and all classes created a Peace Pledge that will be displayed in classrooms.

Students Participate in Surfer’s Healing

Students Participate in Surfer’s Healing photo

Students from the high school and Rhame Avenue School had the opportunity to participate in this year's Surfer's Healing event at Anchor Beach. The mission of Surfers Healing is to enrich the lives of youth by exposing them to the unique experience of surfing.

Students Receive All-State Recognition

Students Receive All-State Recognition photo
High School senior Ms. Laura Millar has been selected to perform at this year’s NYSSMA All-State Conference in Rochester, New York, this November. Ms. Millar’s selection came after she scored 100 percent/A+ on a level 6, All-State solo. 

The conference will be held from Nov. 29 – Dec. 2 at the Rochester Convention Center. There, Ms. Millar will be performing on her clarinet with the Symphonic Band.

In addition, high school junior Ms. Michelle Landerer has also been designated as an Alternate - Soprano I for the chorus. Ms. Landerer earned her designation by scoring 100 percent/A+ on a level 6, All-State solo.

Remembering 9/11

Remembering 9/11 photo
Rhame Avenue School sixth-graders received a visit from a member of the 9/11 Memorial & Museum on Sept. 14, as a way for the school to commemorate the 17th anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

Ms. Karen Lazar, a volunteer docent of the 9/11 Memorial & Museum in New York City, spoke to students in Ms. Kassie Tillem-Spero’s and Ms. Maureen Sheerin’s classes about the tragic events that took place that day. 

The mission of the 9/11 Memorial & Museum is to honor and remember the victims, educate students on why it’s important to remember and inform them on what they can do to sustain the memory of that day.

Team Building at Rhame

Team Building at Rhame  photo
Mrs. Kreit’s class and Mrs. Beyrer’s class at Rhame Avenue participated in a STEAM-based, team-building activity called “Save Fred.” Using only paper clips to maneuver the items, students were tasked with placing a life preserver on Fred the worm. Students had to draw out a plan, discuss it with their team, determine if it would work and then find a solution. At the end, the plans were compared to one another to see what yielded the best results.

Welcome Back!

Welcome Back photo

District welcomes eight new teachers

District welcomes eight new teachers photo
The district is excited to welcome eight new teachers to the district for the 2018-2019 school year. At the end of August, the teachers participated in the district’s annual new teacher orientation in preparation for their new journey as members of the East Rockaway family. 

Over the course of three days, teachers learned the districts practices, initiatives and expectations through a series of workshops. The teachers also met with their respective principals and described their experience with the district as positive and exciting. 

New district members include Kimberly D’Agostino, Tiffany DiNome, William Gibbons, Emily Judge, Kristina Ranieri, Jessica Salaway, Luke Tesoriero, and Crystal Valentin.

New high school assistant principal

New high school assistant principal photo
The district is proud to welcome Bradley Krauz as the new assistant principal for the East Rockaway Junior-Senior High School. Mr. Krauz was appointed to the position at the Aug. 28 Board of Education meeting, effective Aug. 29.

Mr. Krauz brings 16 years of experience, previously serving 14 years as a science teacher at Great Neck South High School. During that time, he also served as chairperson for the science department. After earning his Bachelor of Arts degree in biology from University of Rochester, Mr. Krauz went on to earn his Master of Science degree in biology education from Long Island University. He also earned his professional degree in educational leadership from Long Island University, and is currently working toward his doctoral degree in educational leadership from St. John’s University. 

Dedicated to working with children, Mr. Krauz has also worked more than 10 years with Oasis Summer Day Camp as regional and camp director. 

7th Grade Orientation

Students of the class of 2024 participated in an exciting orientation program on Tuesday, August 28th. After meeting their administrative and teaching team, they experienced five break out sessions focused on the four tenets of The Strategic Plan and one building tour/ID picture session. Students learned about The Honors by Achievement Philosophy, discovered the various extra and co-curricular opportunities available to them, participated in several ice-breaker and community building activities to create positive connections, and were immersed in a mini-technology lesson to explore our various innovations. The day concluded with a delicious pizza lunch generously provided by the PTA and locker set-up. Student leaders and Ambassadors of Character from grades 8-10 did a fantastic job helping to facilitate the event and student-athletes from The Cross Country and Football Teams dedicated time to welcoming the new arrivals.

Students Shine in Statewide Honor Choir

Students Shine in Statewide Honor Choir
Four students from East Rockaway performed with the New York American Choral Directors Association Middle School Honor Choir on Aug. 12. The students traveled to Albany, New York, to work with esteemed guest conductor and composer Dr. Derrick Fox of the University of Nebraska-Omaha. After two days of intensive rehearsals, the students gave a successful performance of challenging music to the delight of the audience. 

The Honor Choir is a select group that consists of seventh- and eighth-grade choral students from across the state that were nominated and accepted based on their fine musicianship and overall singing skills. The four students accepted into the NY ACDA Middle School Honors Choir are:  

Tenor – Brian Cooney and Nicholas Stebner
Bass – Stephen Cooney
Alto – Sofia Valdebenito

The Music Department is very proud of these students and would like to congratulate them on representing East Rockaway at this statewide event!  

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