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Interim Director of Pupil Personnel Named

Interim Director of Pupil Personnel Named photo
The district is pleased to announce that longtime educator Susan Kosser was appointed interim director of pupil personnel by the Board of Education at its Nov. 21 meeting. Ms. Kosser began on Nov. 13, working with outgoing director of PPS Laura Guggino-Hastings, to ensure a smooth transition when she assumes the role on Nov. 27.

With 40 years of experience in the field of education and pupil personnel administration, Ms. Kosser has served as a school psychologist in the William Floyd School District, director of special education in the Half Hollow Hills Central School District, and adjunct lecturer and faculty member at Brooklyn College. 

Upon her retirement from Half Hollow Hills, Ms. Kosser’s passion for working with all stakeholders to provide an enriched and appropriate education for all students led her to return to the education field. She has spent the last 13 years serving as interim director of pupil personnel and assistant to the superintendent for support services in various districts including East Islip, Garden City, Lawrence, Levittown and West Hempstead. Her vast knowledge and expertise in leadership, curriculum, instruction, supervision, special education and child development make Ms. Kosser an outstanding selection to fill the position for the remainder of the school year.

All-Star Basketball at Centre Avenue

All-Star Basketball at Centre Avenue photo

Centre Avenue sixth-graders recently concluded their first All-Star Basketball Tournament. In total, there were eight teams that competed during recess to advance to the next round. On Nov. 15, the “Rockets” played against the “Knicks.” All teams showed great sportsmanship, integrity and teamwork. The Rockets won the finals, and each player received a custom-made basketball T-shirt generously donated by the PTA. In the coming weeks, Centre Avenue will run additional basketball tournaments in sixth grade and fifth grade.


The East Rockaway Schools Prevention Task Force’s Community & Parent Awareness and Education Action Team, in partnership with Assemblyman Kaminsky’s Office, have put together a forum to share information and answer questions related to the dangers Vaping.

The flyer is attached; we hope you can join us!


Mock Trial Team Competes in Nassau Tournament

Mock Trial Team Competes in Nassau Tournament photo
Mock Trial Team Competes in Nassau Tournament photo 2
Mock Trial Team Competes in Nassau Tournament photo 3
The East Rockaway Mock Trial Team competed in the second annual Long Island Mentor Moot Court Tournament at the Nassau County Supreme Court. 

Sophomores Timothy Neckles, Sharon Oosterwijk, Natalia Rogala and Anthony Romano participated in the Moot Court, competing against other schools to defend their case. Despite this being its first Moot Court competition, the team offered insightful and articulate testimony to support its cases. Aadil Khan, Kristina McDougal, Daniel O’Moore and Peter Wilson came to support the team and offer additional counsel during testimony. 

Although East Rockaway did not advance to the next round of the competition, it has a very positive outlook as it prepares for February’s Mock Trial competition. Eighth-grader Aadil Khan reflected on this experience, stating, “We can’t lose hope. Instead, we must learn from our mistakes.” 

The Mock Trial team is very proud of its participation and is led by advisers April Francis and Thomas Canale.

High School Students Plant A Promise

High School Students Plant A Promise photo

East Rockaway Junior-Senior High School students recently planted a promise garden as part of the school’s Red Ribbon Campaign to bring awareness to substance abuse and encourage individuals to be drug free.

The Plant the Promise Kit was donated to the district’s Prevention Task Force by member Mary Kate Lynch, who served as coordinator to a similar community prevention-related organization that disbanded in 2014 and influenced the current Prevention Task Force’s formation. The group was excited to sponsor the activity, which resulted in a cross section of students from a variety of student groups and programs planting red tulips in front of the high school building. According to school social worker and Prevention Task Force Co-Chair Kristen Mednick, the flowers planted during Substance Abuse Awareness Week will bloom each spring during Alcohol Awareness Week, serving as a reminder of hope and the beauty of life when it is drug free. 

Ms. Mednick extended her gratitude to former Pupil Personnel Director Laura Hastings, Assistant Principal James DeTommaso and social worker and Transition Coordinator Maureen Schutta for providing organizational support and planning for the event.  


A Lesson in Mindfulness

A Lesson in Mindfulness photo
A Lesson in Mindfulness photo 2
East Rockaway Junior-Senior High students in Briar Falvo’s seventh-grade English classes participated in a mindfulness lesson facilitated by school social worker Amy Weissman. 

Ms. Weissman conducted a short breathing activity called Take Five, where students concentrated on taking five slow breaths in through their nose and out through their mouths. Students learned that being overstimulated, too busy or stressed can hinder one’s ability to be fully self-aware. Ms. Weissman explained that breathing mindfully — concentrating on one’s breath — helps to refocus and bring attention back to the present moment. Students shared how they were feeling after the exercise. Some responses included, “relaxed,” “focused,” “calm” and “at peace.” Many students reported that they would like to continue to practice mindfulness when preparing for a test or quiz or getting ready for a sports game. Eighth-graders will be receiving the same lesson in December.

ENL Teachers Present at NYS Conference

ENL Teachers Present at NYS Conference photo
East Rockaway English as a New Language teachers Melinda Best and Caitlin Castellano presented at the annual New York State Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages Conference. Their workshop, “Helping English Language Learners Develop Cognitive Skills Across Content Areas,” focused on the positive impact thinking maps have on English language learners, not only to acquire English, but also to learn content.

East Rockaway Senior Heads to Notre Dame

East Rockaway Senior Heads to Notre Dame photo

Surrounded by his family, teachers and administrators, East Rockaway Junior-Senior High School senior Andrew Machovec signed on Nov. 8 a National Letter of Intent to study and fence at the University of Notre Dame next fall.

“We’re very proud of all of Andrew’s accomplishments,” Assistant Principal James DeTommaso said. “Not only is he a humble leader in this school and a student-athlete, he is also someone who has excelled in all areas in his school life. He’s been Student of the Month numerous times, he’s received a Charactergram for exemplary behavior and acts of kindness and has maintained a 90-plus average.” 

Andrew first became interested in fencing when he was 10 years old. He discovered the sport in a recreational fencing class at the Freeport Recreation Center. After attending two sessions, he decided to become a competitive fencer and joined 5T Fencers Club. It was there he met his coach and mentor Gidon Retzkin. Under Mr. Retzkin’s direction, Andrew trained at the club six days a week, taking private lessons, group classes and conditioning classes. He began fencing in local competitions, eventually moving onto national and international competitions.

Last year, he achieved a number one ranking in Cadet Mens Foil both here in the United States and in Europe. Having won three World Cup Gold medals and the Junior Olympic Championships, Andrew earned a spot on the U.S. National Team and represented the U.S. at the World Championships in Bulgaria. This year, he continues to travel both nationally and internationally, now competing at the junior and senior levels. 

“I just want to thank everyone,” Andrew said. “It’s been an amazing experience at high school, and everything has been made possible with the support of all of you that are here today. I just want to thank my parents for putting up with me traveling back and forth, the time differences and just supporting me all the way.”  


Empty Bowls Soup Dinner - November 30th


Centre Students Celebrate Writing

Centre Students Celebrate Writing photo
Centre Avenue students in Ms. Kellie Higgins’ fourth-grade class recently finished a personal narrative. They persevered through the stages of the writing process to complete their first writing piece of the year, then had an opportunity to celebrate all their hard work with a publishing party. Principal Mrs. Sherry Ma joined in the celebration. 

East Rockaway’s Girls Volleyball Captures County Championship

Girls Volleyball Team are Nassau County Champions
Congratulations to East Rockaway Junior-Senior High School’s girls volleyball team, who defeated Carle Place, 3-0, to capture the Nassau County Championship. The girls take the court for the Long Island Championship against Pierson High School on Nov. 11, at 11 a.m., at Suffolk County Community College in Brentwood. Go Rocks!!

Centre Avenue Students Flip and Dip Into Reading

Centre Avenue Students Flip and Dip Into Reading photo
Centre Avenue third-graders read books in a new and unusual way when their class had an opportunity to Flip and Dip Into Reading. According to teacher Jeannine Patane, students flip over their chairs for independent reading time, creating a cozy space, which makes reading more fun and keeps students engaged.

Students Wear Pink for a Good Cause

Students Wear Pink for a Good Cause photo
The students and staff of East Rockaway Junior-Senior High School wore pink on Halloween to show support on the last day of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The school raised $226 for Hewlett House, which supports people in crisis and helps care for cancer survivors in many ways.  

East Rockaway Athletes Head to NYS Championship

East Rockaway Athletes Head to NYS Championship photo
Seven East Rockaway Junior-Senior High School students have qualified to run at the New York State Championship Meet on Nov. 11 in Wayne, New York. Congratulations to Kristi Ackerina, Mairead Connor, Adam Fulgencio, Emma Neary, Valencia Poorajah, Dan Salazar and Elissa Velasquez. Athletic Director David Barth extended his best wishes to the runners and coaches Ken Anderson and Coach Briar Falvo. Go Rocks!

Rhame Students Fall into Math

Rhame Students Fall into Math photo
Rhame Students Fall into Math photo 2
Rhame Students Fall into Math photo 3
Rhame Students Fall into Math photo 4
Rhame Students Fall into Math photo 5
Third-graders at Rhame Avenue are “Falling into Math!” The students read the book “How Many Seeds in a Pumpkin?” and used their estimating skills, before measuring mass, circumference and the number of creases on each pumpkin. 

Each group made predications as to how many seeds they had after they scooped out their pumpkin. The next day children discussed the best way to count the seeds, and did so in groups. They then worked individually to organize the seeds into rows and columns to represent multiplication sentences. They also wrote related multiplication and division facts. Conclusions were drawn based on the measurement data they had taken and the information provided in the book about the size of their pumpkins and the number of seeds.

Day of the Dead at Centre Avenue

Day of the Dead at Centre Avenue photo

Dressed in traditional ethnic garb and makeup, Superintendent of Schools Lisa Ruiz taught Centre Avenue sixth-graders about El Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) as a precursor to the students sculpting sugar skulls in art class.

Mrs. Ruiz shared information about the history of the Day of the Dead, a holiday that remembers family members and friends who have passed on. Students learned about altars and the elements that are used to create them as part of the custom, including candles, marigolds, photos, sugar skulls, water, food and cut paper decorations, called “papel picado.” Mrs. Ruiz also explained to students that celebrations sometimes occur at graveyards, with family members gathering to share stories about their loved ones. The students enjoyed “pan de muerto,” a bread that is used as part of the Day of the Dead festivities, and were educated on “La Catrina,” a zinc etching by famous printmaker and illustrator Jose Guadalupe Posada. “La Catrina” represents the Day of the Dead and the Mexican people’s willingness to laugh at death itself. 

In addition to learning about the Day of the Dead, students learned about Mexican culture and folk art and the origin of this interesting holiday which is celebrated in Mexico, parts of Central America and also in some communities of the United States.


Rhame Students Create Wigwams and Longhouses

Rhame Wigwams 1
Rhame Wigwams 2
Rhame Wigwams 3
Rhame Wigwams 4
Rhame Wigwams 5
As a culminating activity to their recent study of early New York State Native American tribes, fourth-graders in Sarah Kane and Allison Gerbert’s class constructed small shelters similar to those used by the Iroquois and Algonquin Indians.

The students worked in groups to create longhouses and wigwams using materials they found outside, such as sticks and leaves. They were also given glue, pipe cleaners, Popsicle sticks and a list of rules they had to follow to complete the STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics) challenge. Before they began construction, students filled out a STEAM lab, which asked the fourth-graders to identify the science behind the challenge and instructed them to research their structure. Mrs. Kane said the activity allowed students to work collaboratively with each other and to truly grasp the material they learned.       

“The project gave students an understanding of how innovative these people were,” Mrs. Kane said. “They had no manmade tools, and there were no stores to purchase supplies. They created their shelters with their bare hands.”

Students Recognize National Bullying Prevention Month

Students Recognize National Bullying Prevention Month photo
Students in kindergarten and first grade received a lesson in being a “Caring Kid” in October. School social worker Dawn McCabe used puppetry to teach students about tolerance, empathy and conflict resolution. Rhame Avenue and Centre Avenue students participated in several activities throughout the month that focused on kindness, acceptance and inclusion to help in bullying prevention.

Rhame Students Pledge Kindness on Unity Day

Rhame Students Pledge Kindness on Unity Day photo

Rhame Avenue School celebrated Unity Day on Oct. 25 as part of National Bullying Prevention Month. The K-Kids club organized the signing of a schoolwide pledge to promote acceptance and take a stand against bullying. All of the students pledged to show kindness and to include and accept others.


Centre Students Stand Together Against Bullying

Centre Students Stand Together Against Bullying photo

On Oct. 25, Student Council members at Centre Avenue took up the fight to stand against bullying in recognition of Unity Day.

The group encouraged the entire student body to wear orange to send a message of support, hope and unity, and to show that they are together against bullying and united for kindness, acceptance and inclusion. They also created posters prior to the event to promote kindness. Student Council advisers Danielle Schaetzle and Ashley Tener showed the Student Council members an anti-bullying video and asked that they write a few words about why bullying should not be tolerated. 

Several Student Council members then delivered their remarks to students during their lunch period. All students then signed a pledge to promote kindness and to stand up against bullies.

Junior-Senior High Staff Unite on Unity Day

Staff Unity Day
East Rockaway Junior-Senior High School staff wore orange on Unity Day to make a powerful and unified statement that they all stand united against bullying and support messages of tolerance, unity, acceptance and inclusion. 

Science Students Conduct Experiments at Marine Study Area

High School Marine Study 1
High School Marine Study 2
High School Marine Study 3
High School Marine Study 4
High School Marine Study 5
High School Marine Study 6
East Rockaway Junior-Senior High School students in AP Biology and AP Environmental Science conducted experiments at the Oceanside Marine Nature Study Area on Oct. 17.  Students worked directly with conservation biologist Michael Farina to draw conclusions based on their observations and experiments. Experiments included data collection of water quality and salt marsh ecology observations and inferences.

Rhame Red Ribbon Week

Rhame Avenue School celebrated Red Ribbon Week, a national campaign about making healthy decisions and taking a stand against drug abuse. Student representatives from Student Council placed cups on the fence to spell “Be Drug Free.” This collaborative effort sends a positive message to the children and the community to be part of Drug Free America.

Teddy Bear Fun at Centre Avenue

Teddy Bear Fun at Centre Avenue photo
Teddy Bear Fun at Centre Avenue photo 2
Teddy Bear Fun at Centre Avenue photo 3
Teddy Bear Fun at Centre Avenue photo 4
Teddy Bear Fun at Centre Avenue photo 5
After learning the letters ‘t’ and ‘b,’ the kindergarten students were allowed to bring in their teddy bears to school. During the week, the students wrote about their teddy bears and used them in math activities, but one night the teddy bears got into some trouble and caused a huge mess. The students were shocked to see the mess the next day!

Rhame First-Graders Learn the Scientific Method

Rhame Students Learn Scientific Method
Rhame Avenue first-graders had an exciting time learning about the scientific method. The children participated in an experiment demonstrating how the water cycle works. They then recorded their predictions, results and observations in their science lab notebooks. 

National Coming Out Day at East Rockaway

National Coming Out Day
East Rockaway Junior-Senior High School’s Pride Club-GSA sponsored National Coming Out Day on Oct. 11. The campaign is about showing support for safer schools and for a school that is safe, supportive and free from anti-LGBT bullying. Members of the Pride Club-GSA handed out rainbow ribbons and information about the campaign. They also provided pamphlets with information about local resources, such as Pride for Youth.

Leaf Study at Centre Avenue

Centre Avenue first-graders recently learned about leaves, including the name and function of each part. Each student collected his or her own leaf to observe and label.

Middle School Students Pledge to Stand Up to Bullies

Middle School Students Pledge to Stand Up to Bullies photo

East Rockaway Advisory students in grades 7 and 8 were encouraged to sign the Anti-Bullying Pledge banner, which reads, “Take a stand, lend a hand. Stop bullying. We pledge to take a stand against bullying.” The banner was created in recognition of National Bullying Prevention Month.

Centre Students Classify Nouns

Centre Students Classify Nouns photo
First-grade students in Centre Avenue have been studying nouns. They recently worked together in groups to classify and sort different nouns into categories.

Project Connect a Success at East Rockaway

Project Connect a Success at East Rockaway photo

East Rockaway Junior-Senior High School Advisory students in grades 7 and 8 worked on an activity called Project Connect as part of National Bullying Prevention Month.

Project Connect is an activity that joins students, schools and communities to make powerful statements about uniting against bullying. Each student wrote a message on an orange strip about what they do to help make their school a safer place for their peers and included their name. Some examples included, “Be an Upstander,” “Be Kind,” “Be Polite” and “Be Respectful.” The Dignity Club connected the strips by forming them into one long connected chain that visually represents the power of uniting for a common cause. The chain is displayed in the Advisory showcase outside Assistant Principal Tj Terranova’s office. 

BOE and High-Achieving Students Celebrated

BOE and High-Achieving Students Celebrated  Pic

The Board of Education and East Rockaway High School’s brightest students were recognized during the monthly BOE meeting on Oct. 19.

Rhame Avenue first-graders kicked off the evening by singing “Who Do We Appreciate?” to the Board. The students also presented the group with binders containing artwork created by the students. The celebration commemorated New York State School Boards Association’s School Board Recognition Week, which runs from Oct. 23-27. The week enables school board members to be recognized for their volunteer service to their schools and community.

“On behalf of the faculty and the staff of the East Rockaway School District, I would like to express our sincere appreciation to our Board of Education trustees for the significant time and unwavering dedication they give to their positions,” Superintendent of Schools Lisa Ruiz said. “I truly am honored to be beginning my fifth year in this district and to work with this consistent group of amazing individuals, who care so much about this community.” 

The Board and the East Rockaway Junior-Senior High School administration also honored SuperMasters students, who scored 95 or higher on one or more Regents exam. In addition, they recognized Advanced Placement Scholars, who were recognized for their successful performance on the May 2017 AP exams. 

“These are outstanding achievements,” Interim Principal Neil Lederer said. “It is my pleasure to recognize these truly academically gifted, studious young people.” 

East Rockaway Crushes Friends Academy at Homecoming

East Rockaway Crushes Friends Academy at Homecoming photo

School spirit was high as East Rockaway Junior-Senior High School celebrated its annual homecoming festivities, which kicked off with a parade and pep rally and concluded with the Rocks defeating Friends Academy, 52-20.

Many community members lined the streets as student-athletes and musicians paraded from Centre Avenue School to the junior-senior high school on Oct. 20. The students carried beautifully decorated banners created to mark the occasion. After outstanding performances by the school’s band and cheerleaders and recognition of the school’s athletes, seniors Peter Wilson and Arcely Reyes were named homecoming king and queen. Juniors James Bonziglia and Jaclyn Ragusa were named homecoming prince and princess.         

The festivities continued on Oct. 21 with the homecoming game, which began with the introduction of all seniors from the marching band, football team and cheerleading squad. The students, along with their parents, stepped onto the field prior to the start of the game.

The Rocks took the lead early and held on, handily defeating Friends Academy. The marching band and both the junior varsity, varsity and middle school cheerleaders delivered spectacular performances during halftime and throughout the game. Go Rocks!

Rocks’ Spirit Shines at Homecoming Parade and Pep Rally

Rocks’ Spirit Shines at Homecoming Parade and Pep Rally photo

Homecoming weekend kicked off with East Rockaway Junior-Senior High School’s annual parade and pep rally. Students, faculty and administrators participated in the parade, which began at Centre Avenue and concluded at the junior-senior high school with the annual pep rally. The various athletic teams and grade levels created beautiful banners, while the school’s band kept everyone in step. During the pep rally, each athletic team was recognized. The event was highlighted by outstanding performances by the school’s band and cheerleaders.


Seventh- and Eighth-Graders Discuss Bullying

Middle School Discusses Bullying 1
Middle School Discusses Bullying 2
Middle School Discusses Bullying 3
Middle School Discusses Bullying 4
East Rockaway Junior-Senior High School social worker Amy Weissman visited seventh- and eighth-grade classrooms during National Bully Prevention Month. The following topics were discussed: Dignity for All Students Act, different types of bullying, conflict vs. bullying, what to do if you’re being bullied, the criminal aspects of cyberbullying, bystanders vs. upstanders and social media responsibility.

Before the lesson started, students took a survey to see if their social media habits are putting them at risk or not. They were also asked to reflect on if they are using social media safely and responsibly. If the students answered no, they learned what to do to be safer online.

Junior-Senior High Students Walk-Along for Lupus

High School Students Lupus Walk

Thirty-four East Rockaway Junior-Senior High School students joined teacher Joyce Kenny at the 24th annual Walk-Along for Lupus at Eisenhower Park.

This is the ninth year for Team ERHS/Jennifer’s circle. They walk to help those who are affected by Lupus. The team raised more than $1,300, which goes toward research for treatment and a cure. The participating students were from grades 7-12, including members of the National Honor Society. Ms. Kenny thanked the district for allowing the team use of the school bus and extended a special thanks to bus driver Jimmy Lores for donating his time to drive the team to and from the event.

Rhame Students Visit Queens Zoo

Rhame Students Visit Queens Zoo 1
Rhame Students Visit Queens Zoo 2
Rhame Students Visit Queens Zoo 3
Rhame Students Visit Queens Zoo 4
Rhame Students Visit Queens Zoo 5
Rhame students in Erin Kennedy’s and Kristen Donovan’s classes enjoyed a recent trip to Queens Zoo.

The field trip was planned to enhance the students’ knowledge as they learn about habitats and classification of animals. The children saw a variety of animals, including alligators, elk, bears, goats, lemurs, pudu (the world’s smallest deer) and more. Everyone had a fantastic time!

Rhyming Success for Centre Avenue Students

Rhyming Success for Centre Students
Centre Avenue first-graders learned about rhyming words while reading the classic sing-along “Down by the Bay.” The students created their own rhyming phrases along with illustrations. With music teacher Roxanne Lalama’s assistance, each student brought his or her phrase to life by singing it along with the book. 

Bullying Awareness Month Underway in East Rockaway

Bullying Awareness Month Underway
East Rockaway Junior-Senior High School is hosting a variety of proactive and educational activities during October in connection with National Bullying Awareness Month.

The school hosted Respect Day on Sept. 29 to kick off the educational events. They will also celebrate Unity Day on Oct. 25 and host Red Ribbon Week during the last week of October. On Oct. 11, students viewed the biopic “Temple Grandin,” starring Claire Danes. The movie tells the story of Dr. Temple Grandin, an autistic woman who has become one of the top scientists in the humane livestock-handling industry. It highlights her achievements despite her struggles. Students were given an introduction to the film by social worker Maureen Schutta, with student participation encouraged. After the film, students were divided into discussion groups facilitated by teachers to discuss the movie.  

Rhame Students Strike It Up in Math!

Rhame Students Bowl in Math 1
Rhame Students Bowl in Math 2
Rhame Students Bowl in Math 3
Rhame Students Bowl in Math 4
Rhame Students Bowl in Math 5
First-graders at Rhame Avenue had an amazing time practicing how to take apart the number nine. With a partner, each child took turns bowling and trying to knock down nine bowling pins. They then determined the difference between how many pins they were able to knock down and what remained, recording the results on a special scoreboard designed for the activity. The students are having a great time learning!

Fire Prevention at Centre Avenue

Centre Fire Prevention 1
Centre Fire Prevention 2
Centre Fire Prevention 3
Centre Fire Prevention 4
Centre Fire Prevention 5
In honor of Fire Prevention Week, the East Rockaway Fire Department came to Centre Avenue School on Oct. 11 to discuss the importance of fire safety with the students. During the presentation, the volunteer firefighters demonstrated the safety equipment they use during a real emergency. The students also had the opportunity to get an up-close look at a fire truck and enjoyed spraying water with the heavy-duty fire hose! Principal Sherry Ma extended a big thank-you to all the members of the East Rockaway Fire Department for taking the time to visit the school.

Rhame Students Participate in a Language-Based Activity

Rhame Speech Lesson 1
Rhame Speech Lesson 2

Rhame Avenue teacher Erin Kennedy and Speech Language Pathologist Kimberly Rosenkrantz collaborated and conducted a push-in lesson for students in Mrs. Kennedy’s class.

Learning about the five senses, the fall season, apples, expressive language and interacting with peers were targeted during the lesson. A flexible setting was introduced this year to better help the students communicate in multiple settings, not just the school’s therapy room. These lessons are done to help students demonstrate carryover of their speech and language goals from therapy into the classroom setting.

Students’ Talents Displayed at Village Art Walk

Students Participate in Art Walk 1
Students Participate in Art Walk 2
Students Participate in Art Walk 3

East Rockaway Junior-Senior High School student-artists and musicians participated in the East Rockaway Village Art Council Art Walk on Oct. 5.

At the event, AP Art and College Portfolio students were able to display and sell their work. One student was also creating Henna designs for attendees. The students were side by side with other local artists who were also selling and displaying their work at the event. Students from the music department performed throughout the evening, helping to create the perfect environment.

Rhame Students Build Bridges

Rhame Builds Bridges 1
Rhame Builds Bridges 2
Rhame Builds Bridges 3
Rhame Builds Bridges 4
Rhame Builds Bridges 5
Rhame Builds Bridges 6
Rhame Avenue third-graders recently read a book called “Pop’s Bridge.” Integrating science with literature, the students had a challenge to build the strongest bridge using tape and Popsicle sticks.

A Focus on Empathy at Advisory

Advisory Letters Texas 1
Advisory Letters Texas 2
Advisory Letters Texas 3
Advisory Letters Texas 4
Advisory Letters Texas 5
East Rockaway Junior-Senior High School seventh- and eighth-grade students in advisory recently took part in role-play activities to help develop empathy. The students also wrote cards to hurricane victims from Texas.

Rhame Students Create Beautiful Music

Rhame Music Lesson
Students in Rhame Avenue’s mini music class learned the song “We Are Making Music” with a middle section for rhythm instrumental accompaniment. Students chose a rhythm pattern flash card to play during one section of the song and sang during the other sections.

Respect Day at East Rockaway Junior-Senior High School

Respect Day Pic
Respect Day Pic 2
Respect Day Pic 3
Respect Day Pic 4
Motivational speaker Sergio Argueta visited East Rockaway Junior-Senior High School students on the school’s Respect Day on Sept. 29.                  

Mr. Argueta is founder and board chairperson of S.T.R.O.N.G. Youth, Inc. (Struggling To Reunite Our New Generation), one of the leading gang prevention and intervention agencies in the northeastern United States. During his discussion with students, Mr. Argueta told students they were “some of the most intelligent, resilient kids ever” and that he understood the unique challenges they face on a daily basis. He also encouraged students to do they best they can and put it on display, to never give up and to think about what others may be going through. He also encouraged them to remember that some individuals feel alone and like they don’t belong anywhere.  

After the assembly, freshmen in April Francis’ global history classes were given various inspirational quotes to connect to the “Respect Day” assembly and asked to write reflections. Here’s what they shared:

“The assembly was about respect and how we can show it to ourselves and others. The speaker showed how, if we show others respect and peace, then we will get the same back. This was an inspiring way to signify Respect Day,” David Rodriguez said.
“Mr. Argueta made me think about how I can help my community. I want to start doing community service, especially during the winter. I will help shovel for those who cannot do themselves,” Nicholas Saldana said.

“Mr. Argueta’s message was a powerful one. He made me rethink how I feel about school. He really connected to my life,” Joshua Duryea said.

“The assembly was very inspiring. We learned that we should use our voice, and be the best person we can be, no matter what,” Gianna Rizzo said.

“I think our assembly was very inspirational. I hope everyone took something valuable from what we heard. It’s important to make the right choices in the people you surround yourself with, to make sure you are doing the right thing,” Nicole Acampora said.

“This assembly has made me want to be more respectful to my family and friends. And also, to speak to others I may not normally speak to. I also learned that it is better to keep the peace with people [who] I may have a conflict [with] and stay positive,” Isabelle Bigitschle said.

Rhame Avenue K-Kids Share Inspiration at First Meeting

Rhame Avenue K-Kids Share Inspiration at First Meeting Pic

Rhame Avenue’s K-Kids enjoyed their first meeting of the school year. Members met outside and used chalk to write inspirational quotes from the book “Wonder” by R.J. Palacio. Adviser Sherina Lugo said, “It was a nice way to spread some words of kindness to all.”

East Rockaway Schools Mobile App Now Available

We are excited to announce the launch of the East Rockaway Schools Mobile App. The app provides you with easy access to school information and resources. You can download the app from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store by searching for East Rockaway Schools.

Hot Air Balloon Takes Flight at Centre Avenue

hot air image

Centre Avenue students had an assembly with Pilot Lee to learn about hot air balloons on Sept. 26. The students excitedly looked on as they watched a full-sized hot air balloon inflate and take off with Principal Mrs. Sherry Ma in it. Afterwards they learned about the history of hot air balloons and the weather conditions needed to operate one. Mrs. Ma thanked the PTA for sponsoring this exciting learning opportunity for the students.

A Lesson in Line Plots at Rhame Avenue

A Lesson in Line Plots at Rhame Avenue photo
Rhame Avenue third-graders in Mrs. Gail Beyrer and Ms. Allison Getbert’s integrated co-teaching class recently made a line plot showing their favorite subjects. Students drew conclusions about the data before dividing into groups to further their understanding.

Surf’s Up!

Surf’s Up photo

East Rockaway students participated in Surfer's Healing on Sept. 13 in Lido Beach. Volunteers, families, schools, students and surfers from around the world came together to provide an amazing experience for the school children. The program is in its 20th year and teachers and students look forward to riding future waves with the surfing experts.

First Day Smiles

Rhame pic
When students arrived at Rhame Avenue School on the First Day of School, Principal Erik Walter was outside to greet them. Kindergartner Aida Martin was happy to take a photo with Mr. Walter, who welcomed her to school.  

East Rockaway Names New Athletic Director

David Barth, RAA was appointed as the new athletic director for East Rockaway School District during a special meeting of the Board of Education on June 20.
Barth, a Northport resident, comes to East Rockaway after serving at Friends Academy in Locust Valley for 12 years. While at Friends Academy, he taught physical education for students in grades K-12 and health to students in grades K-5. In addition to teaching, he served as an administrative intern since 2014, supervising the athletic facility and various athletic events. Other duties included conducting interviews for potential teacher candidates, assisting with budget preparation for soccer and lacrosse programs, and conducting formal and informal teacher observations.

Barth also has extensive coaching experience, serving as the boys varsity soccer coach at Freeport High School, boys eighth-grade basketball coach at Manhasset Middle School and boys lacrosse coach at Smithtown Middle School. His coaching tenure continued at Friends Academy, where he held assistant and head coach positions for multiple sports.
His educational background includes a Master of Science in educational leadership and administration from the College of St. Rose, a Master of Arts in liberal studies from Stony Brook University, and a Bachelor of Science degree in education/physical education from SUNY Cortland. He is a Registered Athletic Administrator and holds the following New York State certifications: School District Leader, School Building Leader, Health Education and Physical Education K-12. He also holds certifications in several other areas.  

“I am very excited to join the East Rockaway School District,” Barth said. “I have already met many great students, parents, teachers and community members, who have given me insight into this wonderful community. My goal is to continue to build on the strong foundation that has been established by former Athletic Director Dom Vulpis, and to uphold the tremendous reputation that East Rockaway has throughout the county. I also look forward to working with all stakeholders in delivering quality home and career, health education and physical education curriculums, while enhancing our athletic programs in an effort to positively impact our students’ lives.”

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