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The Members of the Board of Education

Patricia Nicoletti Patricia Nicoletti, BOE President   
887-0743 (term expires 6/19)
Patti Nicoletti has been a devoted member of the Board of Education for several years.  In her most recent capacity, she has become President of the Board.  Mrs. Nicoletti holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Speech and Hearing Handicapped Education from SUNY Plattsburgh and a Master of Science degree in Speech Pathology from C.W. Post University, enabling her to be a Speech Pathologist for the past thirty years.  Mrs. Nicoletti believes that to be a good Board of Education member, one should be a good listener, fair minded, willing to put in time and effort, able to work in a team, and research all possible options to make an educated decision.  Mrs. Nicoletti is open to new ideas, yet is traditional in thought.  She values a good education as one of the most important things an individual can possess and is a strong defender of public education.  In the long term, Mrs. Nicoletti hopes to maintain the character and integrity of the school district, while making academics more challenging to keep pace with the 21st century.  Since her election, the board has been able to maintain academics, introduce more AP courses and expand new programs while conforming to the difficult restraints of the tax cap.  Mrs. Nicoletti enjoys reading, animals and nature and resides with her three children and husband in Lynbrook.

Keith Gamache Keith Gamache, BOE Vice President   
284-7771 (term expires 6/20)
Keith Gamache is a dedicated member to the East Rockaway Board of Education and is now serving as the Vice President. A New York University graduate, Mr. Gamache holds a Bachelor of Arts in Art Education, an MFA from Johnson State College, and his school administrative certification from the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts in North Adams. Raised in Massachusetts, Mr. Gamache found his way to South Side High School where he has been sharing his passion of art with students for 21 years. Mr. Gamache is excited to participate in such a tight knit community that reminds him so much of his home town and is already making his mark on our community. He has concerns about the implementation and motives of education reform in New York especially regarding the impact of high stakes testing on teaching and learning. Determined to be an “advocate for our children,” Mr. Gamache supports “de-tracking” and the new middle school philosophy, allowing every student an equal opportunity to participate in our best programs.

While trying to split his time between his career and helping improve East Rockaway’s schools, Mr. Gamache finds time to be a diligent member of Boy Scouts with his sons and also an engaged yearbook advisor, IB CAS Coordinator, and Art Department Facilitator at South Side High School. Hoping to expand learning opportunities in the classroom, he is excited about the success of our Robotics Club, at the High School and encourages more students to participate in after school clubs. Mr. Gamache currently lives in East Rockaway with his wife and two sons, who both attend East Rockaway schools.

Neil Schloth Neil Schloth, BOE Trustee   
812-0164 (term expires 6/20)
Neil Schloth has been an avid member of the East Rockaway Board of Education. Beyond his work in our school district, Neil actively devotes his time to the East Rockaway Fire Department where he serves as a volunteer fireman and an active member of the Fire Prevention program, which visits schools to educate students on fire safety. He also is involved with St. Raymond’s parish where he serves as a lector. Neil has many goals for the district. He would like to see improvement in the middle school. Neil wants to better the transition and promote success in a greater number of students. Mr. Schloth also hopes to see more parental involvement, which he feels will have a direct correlation with student achievements. Neil feels that the school is headed in a new direction, and despite the hardships faced through Hurricane Sandy, East Rockaway has truly risen with “positive optimism.” There is now a “new approach at problems we’ve always had.” He looks forward to working with our new superintendent Mrs. Ruiz, and continuing to make gradual changes. Neil Schloth feels a good Board of Education trustee should have a pure agenda and listen to everyone. Personally he feels that he brings, “a broad outlook, an ability to: listen to everyone, to believe in fairness and to pursue a fair position even if it is not popular.” Currently, Neil resides in the district with his wife and two children, who have both attended East Rockaway schools, and works in the District Court, Criminal Division.

Kristin Ochtera Kristin Ochtera, BOE Trustee   
593-5499 (term expires 6/19)
Kristin Ochtera has been a board member since 2010 and currently serves as a Trustee of the Board of Education. Mrs. Ochtera holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Education from Hofstra University and a Professional Certificate in Early Childhood Education.  She has been a Pre-Kindergarten Teacher, managed a Day Care Center and co-owned a children’s activity center in her vast career.  She is currently the Coordinator for Education, Formation and Youth Ministry at a church.  Mrs. Ochtera is an active member of the New York State School Board Association and has served as a presider at the annual conference for many years.  Mrs. Ochtera considers herself a “professional volunteer” being an active member of many organizations such as the Education Foundation, Coalition for Youth in East Rockaway and the East Rockaway High School PTA.  She is also the troop leader of a Girl Scout troop and volunteers her limited free time to being a Youth Group Mentor and coaching many sports.  Mrs. Ochtera’s ability to manage her time wisely and be passionate for the issues she supports has earned her the Girl Scout Outstanding Leader Award, Honorary Lifetime Membership in the NY State PTA and the NY School Board Association’s Mastery Award.  Mrs. Ochtera lives in Bay Park with her husband and two children.

John Giannotti, Jr John Giannotti, Jr, BOE Trustee   
917-671-7573 (term expires 6/18)
John Giannotti is a devoted member of the East Rockaway Board of Education. He is a graduate of Malverne High School, and went on to further his education at Stony Brook University and later New York Law School. Mr. Giannotti brings his ingenuity and knowledge to the community, where his main goal is to make the East Rockaway School District something people are proud of. John feels that a Good Board of Education Trustee should possess qualities such as the ability to work with others, see all sides to a situation and should be able to “put their finger on the pulse of the community and know what’s going on around East Rockaway.” John feels the biggest accomplishment of the district in the recent months has been the hiring of the new superintendent, Mrs. Ruiz. With the help of Mrs. Ruiz’s insight and the “cohesive board,” Mr. Giannotti feels that our district is “on our way up.” Aside from his work in our schools, John Giannotti can be seen coaching Little League and Football and working with the Village Recreation Department. He feels that, “Everything you do for the community is for the kids.” He expresses great dedication for the town of East Rockaway. John Giannotti currently resides in the East Rockaway district with his wife and three children, who attend East Rockaway schools.

Tina Fazi, District Clerk   
887-8300 ext. 553

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