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The Members of the Board of Education

Keith Gamache Keith Gamache, BOE President   
284-7771 (term expires 6/20)
Keith Gamache is a dedicated member of the East Rockaway Board of Education and is now serving as president. A New York University graduate, Mr. Gamache holds a Bachelor of Arts in art education, a Master of Fine Arts from Johnson State College in Vermont and his school administrative certification from the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts in North Adams. Raised in Massachusetts, Mr. Gamache found his way to South Side High School, where he has been sharing his passion for art with students for 24 years. Mr. Gamache is excited to participate in such a tightknit community that reminds him so much of his hometown. He has concerns about the implementation and motives of education reform in New York, especially regarding the impact of high stakes testing on teaching and learning. Determined to be an “advocate for our children,” Mr. Gamache supports “de-tracking” and the new middle school philosophy, allowing every student an equal opportunity to participate in our best programs. 

While splitting his time between his career and helping improve East Rockaway’s schools, Mr. Gamache finds time to be a diligent member of Boy Scouts with his sons, pursues his own art making and is the Art Department facilitator at South Side High School. Hoping to expand learning opportunities in the classroom, he is excited about the STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics) for All program at the elementary schools, as well as the success of the Robotics Club at the high school, and encourages more students to participate in our expanding offerings of after-school clubs. Mr. Gamache lives in East Rockaway with his wife and two sons, who both attend East Rockaway schools.

Dominick Vulpis Dominick Vulpis, BOE Vice President   
516-650-9644 (term expires 6/21)
Dominick Vulpis is the newest member of the East Rockaway Board of Education. He holds a certificate in education administration from the College of Staten Island, a Master of Science degree in physiology of exercise from Queens College and a Bachelor of Science degree in physical education from Brooklyn College.

Mr. Vulpis is assistant executive director for Section VIII Athletics servicing all Nassau County school districts. Prior to retaining that position, he was as an educator for 39 years, including serving as the East Rockaway School District athletic director for 22 years. In his role as a Board member, Mr. Vulpis looks forward to continuing to increase opportunities that foster academic, social and emotional achievement for all students. He realizes the importance of the continued use of technology inside and outside the classroom to propel student learning. He is also committed to working with community stakeholders in a transparent environment that will foster family and community engagement and promote social and emotional learning.

Mr. Vulpis is very active in the East Rockaway community. He’s a member of East Rockaway Recreation, Kiwanis Club and Knights of Columbus. In addition, he is a parishioner at St. Raymond’s Church and serves as a eucharistic minister. He also participates in the district’s Prevention Task Force, Health & Safety Committee and helped author its NARCAN policy.

Mr. Vuplis and his wife Kathleen have lived in East Rockaway since 2002. The pair has been married for 36 years. They have three children, Dominick, Kerrianne and Marykate, all of whom graduated from the East Rockaway School District.

Peter McNally Peter McNally, BOE Trustee   
Pete McNally is a newly elected Board of Education member. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in elementary education, a Master of Science degree in educational technology and a professional certificate in educational leadership and administration, all from LIU Post. Mr. McNally has been a technology education teacher for the past 18 years. He currently works in the Lynbrook School District, where he is the head track and field coach as well as the cross-country coach. Mr. McNally feels that a school board member should be a good listener and put the needs of the students above everything. He wholeheartedly feels that every stakeholder needs to be treated with kindness and respect and show the same towards others. When that happens, true positive change that benefits our children can take place. Mr. McNally is an avid runner, golfer and tennis player. He resides in East Rockaway with his wife and two children, who attend East Rockaway schools.

Kristen O’Hagan Kristen O’Hagan, BOE Trustee   
Kristen O’Hagan is a new member of the East Rockaway Board of Education. Ms. O’Hagan holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and secondary education and a Master of Science degree in education from CUNY Queens College. Possessing a passion for public education, Ms. O’Hagan is an ELA teacher at Malverne High School where she stresses the importance of goal setting, teamwork, pride and effort. As a Board member, she looks forward to continuing to increase creative learning and leadership opportunities to empower students as they acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to develop into responsible citizens. Ms. O’Hagan recognizes that one must listen, ask questions, research and use sound judgement when collaborating with fellow Board members and administration to ensure the district continues to enhance and enrich the educational experience for all students. It is essential that as a district we embrace a cooperative culture between the school and the community, and increase communication between the two. Ms. O’Hagan and her husband Tim are both graduates of ERHS and they have been married for 20 years. They have four children, Brianna, Conor, Rachel and Riley.

Neil Schloth Neil Schloth, BOE Trustee   
812-0164 (term expires 6/20)
Neil Schloth has been an avid member of the East Rockaway Board of Education. Beyond his work in our school district, Neil actively devotes his time to the East Rockaway Fire Department where he serves as a volunteer fireman and an active member of the Fire Prevention program, which visits schools to educate students on fire safety. He also is involved with St. Raymond’s parish where he serves as a lector. Neil has many goals for the district. He would like to see improvement in the middle school. Neil wants to better the transition and promote success in a greater number of students. Mr. Schloth also hopes to see more parental involvement, which he feels will have a direct correlation with student achievements. Neil feels that the school is headed in a new direction, and despite the hardships faced through Hurricane Sandy, East Rockaway has truly risen with “positive optimism.” There is now a “new approach at problems we’ve always had.” He looks forward to working with our new superintendent Mrs. Ruiz, and continuing to make gradual changes. Neil Schloth feels a good Board of Education trustee should have a pure agenda and listen to everyone. Personally he feels that he brings, “a broad outlook, an ability to: listen to everyone, to believe in fairness and to pursue a fair position even if it is not popular.” Currently, Neil resides in the district with his wife and two children, who have both attended East Rockaway schools, and works in the District Court, Criminal Division.

Tina Fazi, District Clerk   
887-8300 ext. 553

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