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Rhame Sixth-Graders Learn About Density

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Sixth-grade students from Rhame Avenue learned about density during a recent classroom activity led by East Rockaway Junior-Senior High School AP Chemistry and AP Environmental Science students.

The academic collaboration took place at the high school, with the older students reviewing the formula for density before conducting experiments that demonstrated its real-life application. First, the younger students were given different items, which they dropped into a jug of water to see which had the greatest density. Next, a few brave students took part in a human experiment, which included getting weighed and then being placed in a 55-gallon drum filled with water. As the students submerged into the water, the high school students filled 5-gallon buckets with the water that became displaced. After determining how much water was displaced, the students worked together to figure out the volume of each subject. They then converted their weights to mass and found their density.