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East Rockaway High School

Health Department

Department Chairperson: Mr. Gary Gregory; 

Health Education provides students with the knowledge and skills they need to maintain health and wellness throughout their lifetime. The intent of a comprehensive health education program is to motivate students to improve their health, prevent disease, and avoid or reduce health related risk behaviors. All teaching and learning is focused on student achievement of learning standards (National and New York State). Health literate youth have the ability to maintain and enhance personal health and fitness, create safe environments, and manage personal and community resources. Health education provides real life learning experiences with personal applications of scientifically research-based health knowledge and skills in relevant situations. Health Education creates opportunities and experiences that engage and challenge young people to assess, explore, and question their health, while personalizing, adapting and evaluating their learning.

Topics include: Introduction to Health; Health Triangle: Mental, Spiritual, Physical Social; Life Skills: Healthy and Unhealthy Relationships; Too Good for Drugs; Human Development and Maturation; Violence Prevention; Nutrition; Physical Fitness; Vaping, Tobacco, Alcohol and other drugs; Substance Abuse; Communicable and Non- Communicable Diseases; Injury Prevention and Personal Safety; CPR

 Teacher  Courses 20-21  Course Outline
 Andrew Rinn     6th Grade Health
 8th Grade Health
 10th Grade Health    
 8th Grade Course Outline
 10th Grade Course Outline  


Elementary Maturation Program


Course Sequence:

Grade 8 - Junior High Health  → Grade 10 - Senior High Health


Additional Information:
*All students are required to take Junior and Senior High Health

Mental health instruction in Senior High Health is guided by the Prepare-U curriculum, which includes an at home

Courses and Descriptions can be found by clicking here. (Pages: 27-31)