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Concurrent/Hybrid/Remote Resources 

The Concurrent Classroom: Using Blended Learning Models to Teach Students In-person and Online Simultaneously (Article; Dr. Catlin Tucker)

Teaching in the Concurrent Classroom: 4 Strategies to Make It Work (Video; Dr. Catlin Tucker & A.J. Juliani)


Concurrent/Hybrid Teaching Best Practices






Google & Chromebook Tips


Chromebook Keyboard and Shortcuts (Interactive)


Google Document URL Tricks



On-Demand Webinars 



GSuite Overview

What does it really mean to work “in the cloud”?  Learn how to access and navigate between various GSuite apps, create new documents, share and organize files, and collaborate in real-time with others.


Office 365 Overview

Just like Google, Microsoft offers their own suite of online apps and services, all bundled into your login.  Learn how to use the online versions of familiar office programs (Word, Excel, OneNote, and more).


Google Forms - Part One

Google Forms allows you to easily design surveys, collect responses, sort through the results and more, all without any manual entry or maintenance!  Learn how to create a form from scratch, insert different question types, adjust settings and more.



Google Forms - Part Two

Now that we’ve demonstrated how to create our Google Forms, learn how to distribute, review the results, view the form responses in a spreadsheet, and organize the data.




Zoom and Google Meet are both valuable in getting faculty, staff, and students connected from just about anywhere, and can remain a great way to meet moving forward. Learn how to set up meetings in Zoom, adjust security settings, invite attendees, and more.



Adobe Acrobat Pro

Learn how to work with and enhance your PDFs.  We'll demonstrate how to create fillable form fields (so individuals can type directly into the form, then print/email back!), how to "recognize text" in scanned PDFs, and how to edit and add text and other elements to existing files.