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Five Year Strategic Plan


Goal: Foster connections that will support every student to become healthy, fulfilled, and contributing members of society.


Desired Outcome: The East Rockaway School District will provide every student with rigorous and meaningful learning experiences through connections forged within each of our schools, across our expanding network of alumni and mentors, and in our local and global community.


  • Explore new platforms for interacting with stakeholders by creating opportunities for students to share their experiences, build connections, and foster a positive school culture.
  • Promote a safe, inclusive, and supportive school culture by prioritizing acceptance, equity, and mental wellness for all members of our school community.
  • Increase co-curricular opportunities for every student that promote leadership, mentorship, engagement, and wellness.
  • Increase family and community engagement through meaningful experiences that strengthen school, family, and student connections.
  • Establish a rich network of mentors and alumni to increase opportunities for student connection in the surrounding community and throughout the world.



Achievement Opportunity Connection Innovation