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Welcome to Private/Parochial School Registration for Transportation


Eligibility for Transportation

An East Rockaway resident must live at least 2 miles from the private or parochial school but not more than 15 miles if bussing is to be provided at the Primary level (K-8); and at least 3 miles from the school if bussing is to be provided at the High School level.

We will begin accepting applications for private school transportation in January for the upcoming school year, ahead of the April 1st deadline (as per NYS Law). Your application must be completed and submitted before April 1 every year. No late applications will be accepted. It is our recommendation to apply for Transportation even if there is a chance you will not need it. You can cancel the request for transportation if needed later. Keep in mind that an individual form needs to be completed for each child attending a private or parochial school. If you decide to change the school of attendance after completing the application you must notify the East Rockaway Transportation Department before the April 1st deadline, otherwise it will be processed as a late application. Please be advised that proof of residency must be provided every year in order to request transportation.

Existing East Rockaway Students

If you are an existing East Rockaway student transferring to a private/parochial school and your address has not changed, please submit a Private/Parochial School Registration form and a student withdrawal form.

If this is your child’s first time applying for transportation to a Private or Parochial School, a private/parochial school registration form with supporting documents is required for proof of residency, and you have to submit a “Transportation Request Application” before April 1st every year.



New East Rockaway Students

If you are NOT an existing East Rockaway student, you will have to complete the “Private/Parochial School Registration form” and include supporting documents providing proof of residency in the school district. You may scan copies and send them by email to Mrs. Moran at or by mail to the Registration office at 443 Ocean Avenue, East Rockaway, NY 11518.

Note: Please do not send original documents in the mail. Provide legible copies of your documents and please make sure each image you attach is clear and that all text is readable. Accepted online file formats: JPG, JPEG and PDF.

*New East Rockaway residents should make application requests within thirty (30) days of the date residency in the District is established.