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For Students

Keyboarding Activities


  • Keyboarding Lessons
    Choose from the practice lessons or take your own text, cut and paste it into the box and practice using that text.

  • Keyboarding Lessons
    Good practice of letters.  The whole document can be saved and printed out.

  • Online Keyboarding Practice
    A series of 17 drills to help you improve your keyboarding technique and speed.

  • Typing Pal
    Although this has parts that can be purchased, there are many great free activities.

  • Computer Circus
    Created by high school students as part of a "Thinkquest" project, this will allow you to practice letters from their various lessons.  Start at lesson 1 and work your way up.

  • Peter's Online Typing Course
    This site contains preliminary activities, typing lessons and typing exercises.

  • Dance Mat Typing
    Cute animated learn to type program.

  • MrKent's Typing Test
    Select the type of test and the number of sentences.

  • PowerTyping
    Site includes an introduction, typing test, typing lessons and games.

  • Type Type Revolution
    Sort of like a Dance Dance Revolution for the keyboard. Type the letters when they get to the right area of the board. Get more points by doing combinations.

  • Black Dog's Typing Test
    Type a paragraph.  Good for testing wpm, but the accuracy part seems to be a little off (such as if you add an extra letter by mistake, it counts everything from that point on as a mistake)

  • Typing Master Online Test
    Choose from 4 texts and times from 1-3 minutes.  The downloaded version gives you more choices, but this is a good online version.

  • Typing Test
    Simplistic typing test that gives you the choice of beginner, novice, and expert.

  • Learn2Type for Kids Typing Test
    Type a paragraph and get your wpm.  Shows you your mistakes.

  • Quia Keyboarding Basics Quiz
    Keyboard basics quiz in the form of "Who wants to be a millionaire?"  Can you win all the money?

  • Type Me Game
    Rescue the falling letters and words.  This game does a nice job of allowing a variety of typing skills as you can adjust the speed and numbers needed to win.

  • Wacky Web Tales
    Online activity similar to Mad Libs. Just back every month for new stories

  • Barracuda
    Type the words and letters as they float across the screen

  • Cup Stacking
    A fun way to practice typing individual letters as you stack and unstack cups.

  • Foggies
    Type the words that appear on the screen, but hurry before they disappear!

  • Alphabetic Rain
    Type the letters before they get to the bottom of the window.

  • Word Meister
    A hangman type game.  Type the letters as quickly as possible.  Keep those hands on homerow!

  • Soccer Goalie
    Type the numbers and letters to help the goalie stop the balls from going into the net.

  • Word Island
    Choose the typing game and help the monkey climb up the waterfall by typing the words on the rocks and the trees.

  • Find the Letter
    See how many letters you can type in 30 seconds with as little or no mistakes. Challenge yourself to do better each time.