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ERHS building

East Rockaway Jr./Sr. High School

443 Ocean Avenue
East Rockaway, NY 11518
(516) 887-8300

Main Office: Ext. 444
Attendance: Ext. 436
Nurse: Ext. 432





Administrative Team

  • Principal - Mr. Schaffer: Ext. 423
  • Assistant Principal - Dr. Krauz (Grades 10-12): Ext. 437
  • Assistant Principal - Ms. Terranova (Grades 7-9): Ext. 471
  • Director of School Counseling - Ms. Janna Bonacorsi: Ext. 452 & 453
  • Athletic Director - Mr. Gary Gregory: Ext. 472
  • Asst. Director, Pupil Personnel Services - Mr. Robert Kennedy: Ext. 438
  • Dean of Students - Mr. Russell Pajer: Ext. 458

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Current News

Students Design Dream Classrooms

Student using laptop thumbnail228130

Using room measurements from their own classroom, students in Ms. Miah’s Design and Drawing for Production class used FloorPlanner to design their “dream” classroom.

Floor planner allows the user to create 2D blueprints and 3D interior images.

Date Added: 10/6/2022

Fun with Pre-Calculus

In Mr. Altamore’s UHS Pre-Calculus classes, students played Math Pictionary. During the activity, students graphed functions based on their partners' descriptions of its key features.

Date Added: 10/6/2022

SUPA Psychology

Students in Mrs. Pietrantonio's SUPA Psychology class explored sheep brains in order to observe parts of the brain such as the medulla, cerebrum, cerebellum, and corpus collosum. These structures influence human behavior and students are currently exploring the biological basis of psychology.

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Date Added: 10/5/2022


Thinking Maps

students working on thinking maps thumbnail227919
students working on thinking maps thumbnail227920
students working on thinking maps thumbnail227922
students working on thinking maps thumbnail227923
students working on thinking maps thumbnail227924
Pictured is Ms. Bernberg and Ms. Best's period 9 ELA 9 class. Students created Partial Multi Flow Thinking Maps to show how evidence from texts and media (poems, music, political cartoons, videos) expose societal flaws. This led to a deeper understanding of social commentary, and served to build background knowledge and analytical skills prior to reading Anthem by Ayn Rand.

Date Added: 9/30/2022

Web of Trust

Students playing games outside thumbnail224782
Students playing games outside thumbnail224783
Students playing games outside thumbnail224784
Students playing games outside thumbnail224785
Students in advisory have been continuing to develop positive connections to a trusted adult, their peers and their community. Here they are creating human webs and connecting the physical activity to the more subtle attributes of teamwork.

Date Added: 9/22/2022