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SUNY Financial Aid Days


Buffalo State

 Lehman College

We now have live chat available to you and your students, Monday through Friday from 9 to 5, and Tuesday and Wednesday until 6:30. To chat with an admissions representative visit our page at, go to the Lehman Lightening Bot on the bottom right corner and type "Agent".

In addition, we will be offering the following virtual services.

Individual Virtual Services:

  • Virtual Information Sessions - ZOOM sessions where student can learn about Lehman College and the application process
  • Virtual Tour - Students can explore Lehman College's stunning 37-acre tree-lined campus from anywhere


Group Virtual Services:


  • Virtual Major-Specific Information Sessions - ZOOM sessions where students can learn about specific majors
  • One-On-One Virtual Admissions Appointments - ZOOM sessions where a student and/or counselor can speak individually with an Admissions Advisor

We will also be offering special events during fall to keep the counselor community up to date with what is new at Lehman and CUNY. Separate invitations will be sent out for these programs.