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East Rockaway High School

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Mr. Richard Schaffer 
Secretary TBD (ext. 423)
 Dr. Bradley Krauz
Assistant Principal (Grades 10-12)
Chairperson, Technology
Mrs. Marypat Hickey (ext. 437)
Ms. TJ Terranova
Assistant Principal (Grades 7-9)
Chairperson, Business
Mrs. Fran Hernandez (ext. 471)
Mr. John Madden (ext. 456)
Director of School Counseling
Mrs. Anabel Kell (ext. 452)
Ms. Christine Del Valle (ext. 453)
Mr. Gary Gregory 
Director of Physical Education, Health,
Athletics & Driver Education
Mrs. Arianne Millar (ext. 472)
Mr. Robert Kennedy (ext. 438)
Assistant Director, Pupil Personnel Services
Chairperson, Special Education
Mr. Russel Pajer (ext. 458)
Dean of Students


Mr. Peter Ceglio Chairperson, Fine Arts - 516-887-8300, Opt. 1, Ext. 448
Ms. Deborah Bloomfield Chairperson, English & Social Studies - 516-887-8300, Opt. 1, Ext. 439
Ms. Angelica Rodriguez Alonzo Chairperson, World Languages - 516-887-8300, Opt. 1, Ext. 449
Ms. Christine Redden Chairperson, Math - 516-887-8300, Opt. 1, Ext. 442
Ms. Dame Forbes Chairperson, Science – 516-887-8300, Opt. 1, Ext. 451