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Rhame Avenue School



The East Rockaway Board of Education recognizes that student attendance in school is linked to positive school culture. School culture is the overall physical and psychological atmosphere in a school: the behaviors, attitudes and beliefs exhibited by all school staff, parents, and community. A positive school culture has profound effects on student performance. To that end, this board encourages all school staff, parents, and community members to foster such an atmosphere for all students. This environment will be accepting and inclusive, providing all students the opportunity to learn.

The board also recognizes the positive correlation between consistent school attendance, class participation and successful academic performance. The board has adopted an attendance policy to ensure that all students comply with the academic standards set by the Board of Regents for successful school completion

and to ensure the maintenance of an adequate record verifying attendance of all children at instruction in the East Rockaway Schools.

The policy also establishes a practical mechanism for each school to account for the whereabouts of its children throughout each school day and ensures sufficient pupil attendance at all scheduled periods of actual instruction or supervised activities.

In the Elementary Schools, attendance will be taken and recorded twice a day, at 8:45am and again after the lunch/recess hour. The policy also includes incentives for students, course credit requirements, and a list of excused and unexcused absences. The sanctions or discipline procedures comply with the school district code of conduct. Copies of the entire policy are available at all three schools in the district.

It is our hope that this Attendance Summary clarifies any questions or concerns you have regarding your child’s attendance. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.