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Rhame Avenue School


Getting a Handle on Homework

Tips for Parents, Guardians, and Caregivers

1. Provide a place where your child can work. It should be comfortable and free from distractions. Allow your child some choices. If they want to listen to music, sit on the floor, or work in low light, that's okay--as long as he or she works for the expected amount of time.

2. Create a "Homework Survival Kit." Include the materials your child needs in order to complete his or her homework. Always keep the "Homework Survival Kit" in the same location so your child can easily find it.

3. Try to set a regular time to do homework, read, and study every day.

4. Be available to answer any questions or to help your child prioritize his or her assignments.

5. Be sure your child is well rested and in a healthy state of mind. Take notice if your child works best with a short break or a small snack.

6. Provide praise and positive support for your child each time he or she does homework responsibly.

7. Contact your child's teacher if your child is running into any problems getting the homework done.

8. Look through your child's book bag for assignments and important papers.

9. Monitor your child's TV and video-watching time.

10. Make an agreement with your child about how much after-school time they should spend doing their homework each day.

Note: This does not include leisure reading, which is separate from homework assignments and should be done daily.

11. Make sure your child has the phone number of a classmate. This enables your child to get the assignment when absent.

12. Encourage your child to pack his or her backpack promptly after doing their homework.

13. Set a special location for important papers that you are to read or sign. Always remember to return them to your child's backpack.

14. Remember that homework is a way to practice what they are learning.

Homework Survival Kit
crayons and markers
pencils and pens
writing paper
index cards
assignment book
children's dictionary
pencil sharpener
extra notebooks and folders
reading and reference books
container to hold all the supplies