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Fun with Pre-Calculus

In Mr. Altamore’s UHS Pre-Calculus classes, students played Math Pictionary. During the activity, students graphed functions based on their partners' descriptions of its key features.

Date Added: 10/6/2022

Students Design Dream Classrooms

Student using laptop thumbnail228130

Using room measurements from their own classroom, students in Ms. Miah’s Design and Drawing for Production class used FloorPlanner to design their “dream” classroom.

Floor planner allows the user to create 2D blueprints and 3D interior images.

Date Added: 10/6/2022

SUPA Psychology

Students in Mrs. Pietrantonio's SUPA Psychology class explored sheep brains in order to observe parts of the brain such as the medulla, cerebrum, cerebellum, and corpus collosum. These structures influence human behavior and students are currently exploring the biological basis of psychology.

Click here to view the photos

Date Added: 10/5/2022


Students Win Art Awards

Natalie Hayes and Abigail Prucha holding artwork thumbnail228044
Congratulations to ERHS students Natalie Hayes and Abigail Prucha on receiving awards at the 32nd Annual Judged Art Show presented by Babylon Citizens Council on the Arts!

Both award winning works of art are on display in the virtual exhibition featuring all awarded artists from the 2022 Judged Art Show.

The exhibition can be viewed here:

Date Added: 10/4/2022

Upcoming Unity Day

October is National Bullying Prevention Month thumbnail224787
National Bullying Prevention Month is a time when communities unite nationwide to raise awareness about bullying prevention through events, activities, outreach, and education. East Rockaway Schools are continuing to join the movement to inspire, educate, and encourage everyone to take an active role in bullying prevention. Together we can make a difference!

Make your color ORANGE on Unity Day, Wednesday, October 19th. Everyone can wear ORANGE! In keeping with the East Rockaway Schools' tradition and with individuals across the nation and around the world, we stand together against bullying and unite for kindness, acceptance, and inclusion.

Date Added: 10/3/2022