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East Rockaway Safe Homes Parent Network

Join the East Rockaway Safe Homes Parent Network!

As a Safe Homes Parent Network participant, you agree to create a healthy community - one house at a time. Your pledge signifies that you will provide a safe, supervised, tobacco, alcohol, and drug-free environment for youth. Your participation in this network allows you an opportunity to stand together with other parents to provide a clear message to teens that there will be no use of alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs among youth in your home.



  • Provides a way for parents to support each other;
  • Strengthens parent-to-parent communication;
  • Creates a community of connected adults who want to protect youth;
  • Assists parents in establishing reasonable guidelines for youth behavior; 
  • Provides access to tools and resources around prevention; and
  • Presents a clear message to youth that underage alcohol or drug use is not allowed;



  • I will not allow underage drinking or illegal drug use at my home/on my property.
  • I will prevent easy access to alcohol and other drugs and will provide responsible adult supervision for gatherings/parties where underage youth are in my home/on my property.
  • I will set expectations for my children by knowing where they are going, whom they are with, what they are doing, and when they are to return home.
  • I welcome and encourage contact from other parents whose children are gathering in my home/on my property; additionally, I will feel free to contact other members of the Safe Homes Parent Network if my children are going to their home.
  • I welcome communication from others who personally observe my child using alcohol/drugs or engaging in other risky behaviors.  I wish to be informed, confidentially and without judgement.
*This is not a legally binding contract, but rather an agreement of concern and intent among members of the Safe Homes Parent Network.