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Barry Tech, LIHSA Students Showcase Talents

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Junior-Senior High School students enrolled in the Nassau BOCES Joseph M. Barry Career & Technical Education Center and Nassau BOCES Long Island High School for the Arts showcased their work in a variety of subjects to Director of Guidance Janna Bonacorsi. These areas included animation media and digital media design, animal care, audio production, aviation operations, barbering, video production, computer game design, child care, computer technology, construction electricity, culinary, fashion design, network cabling/home technology integration, scenic design, sonic arts, veterinary science, video production and welding.

Mrs. Bonacorsi experienced firsthand student success in these programs. She learned how to play the erhu in programming and producing drumbeats, was graded on a student-led sewing assignment, tracked a student’s flight status out of Farmingdale and over Port Jefferson, enjoyed delicious Pop-Tarts made from leftover pie crust, viewed student artwork and more. She was able to observe students in their classes, connect with their teachers and counselors and learn about additional Barry Tech and Long Island High School for the Arts opportunities.

Students Participate in Annual Scholarship Contest

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Junior-Senior High School students in Ms. Giana Horvath’s Career and Financial Management class recently participated in The Payback Challenge, sponsored by Next Gen Personal Finance. This annual scholarship contest helps students earn money for their education, while developing an understanding of what college life is like.

Through this interactive game, they were able to make real-time and realistic decisions to help manage their student debt. After playing the game, students were tasked with responding to this reflective prompt: How has the game changed your impression of what college life will be like in the 21st century? Some students were entered to win scholarship money from Next Gen Personal Finance.

Science Chair Represents District at State Conference

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East Rockaway Junior-Senior High School Science Chairperson Mrs. Dame Forbes was a presenter at the 126th Science Teacher Association of New York State’s annual conference, held in Rochester, New York. The conference was entitled “Sharing the Stories of Science: A look at storylines in science education.”

Mrs. Forbes is the section area representative for chemistry, Suffolk County section, and presented a workshop, “The Shocking Truth About Water,” along with Emily Green, section area representative, Southeast section. For the exciting workshop, participants predicted the properties of solutions and developed and used models to plan and carry out an investigation that determined conductivity.

The district congratulates Mrs. Forbes on this wonderful opportunity.

Rocks of Appreciation

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Junior-Senior High School students in advisory focused on gratitude during the month of November. For the culminating activity, students painted rocks for staff members in appreciation of their efforts.

High School Hosts 10th Annual Alumni Day

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The Junior-Senior High School hosted its 10th Annual Alumni Day, which featured 24 graduates.

Members of the Class of 2021 shared insight with grades 9-12 about careers, college life, postsecondary preparations and adjusting to a new chapter in their lives. Their first-hand experience about transitioning from East Rockaway to their prospective institutions was meaningful for current students and staff.

After the event, alumni were able to socialize amongst themselves and connect with former teachers. As a thank you, participating alumni were treated with pies from Cakes by Kat, which were crafted by pastry artist and chef Kat Del Valle (Class of 2017).