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Rhame Students Welcomed with Bagpipes

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On March 15, Rhame students at got into the St. Patrick’s Day spirit as they were welcomed to school with the sounds of a bagpipe serenade.

Bagpiper Joe Beyrer played proudly outside the school’s main entrance as parents dropped off their kids. Many stopped to enjoy the music and take photos with Mr. Beyrer as he continued to perform Irish classics for the excited families.

After the musical welcome, Mr. Beyrer visited the fourth graders and taught them about the history of bagpipes, what all the parts are called and about the traditional outfit, including how your family name determines what color your kilt (or balmoral) should be.

To close out the celebration, Mr. Beyrer was joined by Principal Mr. Bixhorn for a bagpipe parade through the halls for all students and teachers to enjoy!

Date Added: 3/20/2024