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CANstruction Award Winners

ACT Bottle Statue and Students thumbnail251492
1, 2, 3 Bottle Statue thumbnail251493
ACT Bottle Statue thumbnail251494
Congratulations to the ERHS Canstruction team for another award-winning build!

This year’s design, “Ending Hunger Is As Easy as 1…2…3…” won the award for the student competition AND earned “Best Cancept”, for best use of labels. (The “Best Cancept” category included adult teams from private corporations, so this is especially impressive!) All collected cans from the build will be donated to families in need.

You can view all of this year’s structures at RXR Plaza in Uniondale. They will be on display through Sunday 11/12. VOTE for the ERHS team and bring a can of food. 1 can=1 vote for People’s Choice Award. You can also vote by donating online. $1 = 1 vote.

Thank you to Ms. Murano, Ms. O’Shea, Mr. Poland, Mr. Howard and Ms. Refino for supporting our students in this year’s event.

Date Added: 11/3/2023