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Michael Cooney Honored as Hometown Hero

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At the Nov. 14 meeting, the East Rockaway BOE was proud to recognize Michael Cooney as the November 2023 Hometown Hero Award honoree.

Mr. Cooney was born and raised in East Rockaway and has remained a staple in the community, volunteering his time to support the schools, making himself available for neighbors in need and dedicating countless hours as a coach for our young athletes.

On and off the field and court, Mike’s enthusiasm, patience and positivity keeps kids motivated and engaged. He is an exceptional mentor and role model for our children, focusing not only on their athletic abilities but, more importantly, on their character. He is credited with maintaining morale despite any obstacles and ensuring that participation in sports is a learning experience and confidence booster that will benefit our students throughout their lives.

In recognition of his extraordinary character and tireless dedication to the children of East Rockaway, the board of education is proud to bestow the Hometown Hero honor on Michael Cooney.

Date Added: 11/27/2023