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News12 Meteorologist Visits Rhame

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News12 Meteorologist Visits Rhame thumbnail256257
News12 Meteorologist Visits Rhame thumbnail256258

On March 13, our kindergarten and first graders at Rhame were treated to a visit by a special guest who taught them all about weather!

News 12 Long Island Meteorologist Sam Augeri joined our young science scholars for an amazing lesson that amazed, inspired and made them all want to be meteorologists when they grow up!

Ms. Augeri showed the students a wind machine, made a tornado in a bottle and had amazing pop-up books about severe weather. She talked about all kinds of weather that we get on Long Island and how they track weather patterns based on the oceans and storms.

We were so happy to have her as a guest in our classrooms and look forward to using the knowledge we gained in our future science studies.

Date Added: 3/14/2024