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Superintendent's Student Advisory Committee Presentations

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At the East Rockaway Board of Education meeting on March 26, the members of the Superintendent's Student Advisory Committee presented the ideas they've been developing to help improve their schools.

The committee consists of eight students, two each from Rhame Avenue, Centre Avenue and the junior high and high school. Students were selected by their principals for their leadership potential and desire to make life better for those around them.

The student ambassadors began by surveying their peers, asking what changes they believe would improve their school experience. After narrowing the data down to two issues per school, the students prepared their presentations, including Powerpoint slides that are posted below.

The Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council is putting “Kids First” and encouraging student engagement, advocacy and action that gives students a voice and a platform to elicit change in their schools. The district is proud to offer these young people the opportunity to use their fresh perspective and enthusiasm to push for change while honing leadership skills that will serve them well in the future.

Meet your Student Ambassadors

High School:
Timothy Poland - 11th grade
Charlotte Webster - 10th grade

Middle School:
Jaron Brown - 8th grade
Claire Harvey - 8th grade

Rhame Ave:
Kaley Thorp - 3rd grade
Abigail Cabral - 6th grade

Centre: Ave:
Georgia Vesce - 6th grade
Henry Tyrell - 3rd grade


Date Added: 4/1/2024