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NYSATA Legislative Art Exhibit

NYSATA Legislative Art Exhibit thumbnail257191
Rhame Avenue 4th grader Vincenza Ippolit
NYSATA Legislative Art Exhibit thumbnail257192
Centre Avenue 4th grader Maya Alvarez


Eight East Rockaway students have been selected to have their artwork featured in the 34th annual New York State Art Teachers Association (NYSATA) Legislative Art Exhibit.

Student artists recognized with this honor include fourth graders Maya Alvarez and Vincenza Ippolito, eighth graders Charlie Rodriguez and Brianna Manzano, ninth graders Melina Morris and Caitlin Lynch, tenth grader Eva Lam and eleventh grader Ashley Rivera Flores.

The district is proud to recognize these students who have displayed exceptional talent, creativity and dedication to their craft. We are also grateful to our outstanding art educators who are focused on fostering confidence and inspiration in the classroom every day.

Art students in K-12 from across New York State are featured in this virtual exhibit, which is available for public viewing on the NYSATA Website ( through February 2025.

Date Added: 4/10/2024