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Three Administrators Granted Tenure

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The district congratulates three outstanding members of the East Rockaway School District administration who were granted tenure during the board of education meeting on April 16.

Mr. Vincent Healy has served as the district’s Executive Director of Pupil Personnel Services and Instructional Personnel Superintendent since 2020. His exceptional leadership and deep commitment to our students’ well-being and academic success is the cornerstone of Mr. Healy’s tenure. Among his numerous notable achievements is the implementation of the RULER and Sources of Strength social emotional learning programs. These initiatives are helping to foster a supportive and nurturing environment throughout our schools by focusing on mental health and a sense of belonging. Mr. Healy has played an instrumental role in making sure that teachers and staff are equipped with the tools and resources they need to integrate these essential strategies.

Following two decades as an educator and administrator in New York City public schools, Mrs. Calia Kelly was appointed principal of Centre Avenue Elementary School in 2020 and her impact was felt immediately. Mrs. Kelly’s patience, kindness and positive attitude radiates throughout the school, creating a nurturing and inclusive environment where everyone feeds valued and supported. Her leadership is centered around respect and success as a team and has resulted in exceptional progress and success on multiple levels, including surpassing goals for proficiency in reading and math. She has also been instrumental in the implementation of Thinking Maps across all grade levels, which led to an elevation to level 2 status, one of the only schools on Long Island to achieve this notable result.

A member of the East Rockaway school community since 2009, Mr. Robert Kennedy was appointed to the position of Assistant Director for Pupil Personnel Services 2020. Prior to joining the administration, he served as both an ELA and special education teacher at the high school and led many successful activities throughout the years. In his current position, Mr. Kennedy has consistently put the needs of our students first and has guided with compassion and care. He has led many initiatives that directly benefit students throughout the district, including a focus on the success on our special education programs and early childhood development. As a co-chair of the district’s Mental Wellness committee, Mr. Kennedy has raised awareness of the importance of social and emotional development and been instrumental in professional learning programs that have led to an increased sense of support and inclusion felt throughout the team.

The Board of Education proudly accepted these recommendations for tenure and shared their gratitude to Mr. Healy, Mrs. Kelly and Mr. Kennedy for their dedication to our students and for all they do to enhance the East Rockaway Schools community.

Date Added: 4/29/2024