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Earth Day Fair

Students on the playground for the Earth Day Fair thumbnail245924

On April 28, our fourth graders learned about nature with a series of fun and engaging activities designed to inspired them to think about how they can help the earth.

The Earth Day Fair kicked off with “Chalk-spiration,” where the students used sidewalk chalk to decorate the playground area with Earth Day inspired art and messages. Then, with help from the fifth graders, students took part in earth-focused activities including a nature walk scavenger hunt, water cycle relay race and a garden geometry challenge where they identified angles in nature. The students also participated in a simulated oil spill cleanup where they learned about the damage that oil spills can cause in nature and used soap to carefully clean oil from delicate bird feathers.

The students enjoyed the opportunity to take their classroom outdoors for this unique learning experience. Immediately following the Earth Day Fair, they were excited to talk about what they learned and how they can play a part in caring for the environment.

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Date Added: 5/4/2023