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ERHS Alumni Day

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On Dec. 22, over twenty graduates from the ERHS Class of 2023 returned to share their experience and advice with our current students.

The alumni started the morning meeting with the junior high students and imparted knowledge that will help them as they progress through high school and eventually to college. They talked about the importance of getting to know your teachers, taking notes and developing good study habits. They answered questions about college culture shock, homesickness and making friends in a new environment.

The alums were then joined by the upperclassmen for a deeper discussion about the college application process, including deciding your major, extracurricular clubs and activities, sororities and fraternities, family visits and more.

The students were engaged and excited to learn from their peers, asking questions and listening intently, with the knowledge that someday soon they will be on that stage as ERHS graduates sharing their experience with their fellow Rocks.

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Date Added: 1/2/2024