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Family Engagement Night Highlights

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On Jan. 18, Executive Director of Pupil Personnel Services & Instructional Personnel Mr. Vincent Healy and Assistant Director of Pupil Personnel Services Mr. Robert Kennedy hosted the second Family Engagement Night of the school year with a focus on the district’s Social Emotional Learning (SEL) programs.

Mr. Healy presented an overview of the RULER program and Mr. Kennedy presented on Sources of Strength. Parents were then invited into the first breakout room, which was facilitated by administrators and teachers including Mr. Bixhorn, Ms. Kelly, Ms. Garvey, Ms. Freudenberg, Ms. McNoble and Ms. Figliozzi, and focused on the RULER program – inviting parents and their children to develop a family charter and participate in a community circle.

The group then transitioned to the Sources of Strength breakout room which was facilitated by Ms. Kinkaid. Participants enjoyed a game of “human bingo” while competing for Sources of Strength frisbees and learning more about the program.

RULER is an evidence-based approach to social and emotional learning at the elementary level that supports entire school communities in understanding the value of emotions, building the skills of emotional intelligence, and creating and maintaining positive school climates.

Sources of Strength is a program that focuses on fostering opportunities at our secondary level for student-generated activities that contribute to a positive culture.

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Thank you to all the community members who attended our Family Engagement Night, asked questions and contributed to this interactive event. We're looking forward to our third Family Engagement Night this April with a focus on Celebrating East Rockaway Cultures and we hope to see you there.

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Date Added: 1/19/2024