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We Rock Awards Honors High Schoolers

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Twenty-one high school students received the school’s second installment of the We Rock Awards. This followed the first round in February, where awards were distributed to middle school students. Honorees are selected for demonstrating wisdom, empathy, respect, optimism, compassion and kindness.

Congratulations to:

Hailey Arnold
Anjali Baloy
Gianna Campanaro
Vincent Cavalli
Magdalena Gonzalez
Charles Harrison
Sabrina Haltigan
Emily McLaughlin
Diana Navarro
Michael Olewnicki
Sharon Oosterwijk
Bryan Ortega-Herrera
Angela Polizzi
Alexandra Pozo
Madeleine Prucha
Natalia Rogala
A.J. Rovner
Anthony Saporito
Victoria Trowbridge
Sofia Valdebenito
Elissa Velasquez