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Students Narrate Snowman/Snowwoman Stories

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students holding up their short stories thumbnail208909
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Rhame Avenue Elementary School second grade students in Ms. Maryann Raffaniello and Mrs. Deborah Iannico’s class and Mrs. Marissa Diamond’s and Mrs. Erin Kennedy’s classes got into the holiday spirit by listening to the story “Snowmen at Night.”

They wrote a story pretending they were a snowman or snowwoman at night by using their knowledge of personal narrative writing. Various Thinking Maps were used to help guide students’ thinking and writing process. Some of the creative activities the students pretended to do if they were snowmen or snowwomen included playing tennis with a frozen racket, dodgeball with a snowball or dance and twirl like a ballerina in the snow. They then illustrated their individual snowman/snowwoman with a winter snowy scene.